In the heart of a rich and beautiful Fulani settlement lies Rugar Ardo Babayo, a man known for his animosity towards the Fulani people of Cameroon. One Friday afternoon, the herdsmen returned to the settlement, leading their diverse livestock back home. Ardo Babayo’s herd, which consisted of cattle, sheep, camels, and goats, was recognized for its uniqueness in Africa. Accompanied by a team of at least forty herders, the herd was a prominent feature in the area.

As the town began to darken, a group of elders convened under a cedar tree near Ardo Babayo’s residence. Amidst them was Farin Dottijon, a respected figure radiating wisdom and integrity. Discussions ensued, addressing various issues affecting their community. Suddenly, Ardo Babayo’s attention was drawn to four young boys chasing a giant Boleru bird. The boys, ranging in age from 9 to 11, exhibited remarkable agility and strength, successfully herding the bird despite its attempts to escape.

Observing the scene, a young girl named Parvina, approximately 8 years old, caught Ardo Babayo’s eye. She sat on the lap of a man seated amongst the elders, displaying a determined and courageous spirit. In a sudden moment of distress, she cried out, alerting the others to a potential threat to the Boleru bird. Concerned for its safety, Parvina’s pleas were met with urgency and action from the gathered individuals.

In a whirlwind of events, Parvina’s actions and the subsequent chaos captivated the attention of the community. Her bravery and compassion for the injured bird were met with both astonishment and admiration. Amidst the turmoil, the evening call to prayer echoed through the settlement, signaling the end of the day and a call to worship. As the commotion settled, Ardo Babayo instructed the young men to perform ablution and join in the evening prayer, ensuring the safety of the injured bird. Despite the emotional tumult, the community found solace in their faith and unity, embracing the bonds that tied them together.

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