FATALWAR  BUDURWAR MIJINA  Complete Document Written By Mujahida Matar Malam


The wind picked up, hinting at an impending rainfall. Soon, the rain began to pour, gradually intensifying in strength.

Having completed her tasks, she sat on the edge of her bed, massaging her feet. A familiar habit to keep warm as the water cooled her feet. Despite her efforts, her body remained tense. She lay down, folding her arms and covering herself with a large, soft blanket. Overwhelmed by emotions, she wept silently, her tears concealed from the world. Rising from the bed, she opened a small drawer, revealing a bottle of variously colored pills—white and red—laying out her uncertain path ahead.


“I love you, Mustapha, no matter what you say you want. Your family’s approval is not a necessity. I just hope you’ll agree to have a family member witness our marriage.”

She caressed his face, their lips meeting in an embrace, and they delved into the realm of their love. In matters of marriage, she wouldn’t let anyone’s opinions deter her. Everyone has their own struggles.

“May Allah protect us from committing adultery and other misdeeds. Ameen.”

“Peace be upon you! Peace be upon you!! Peace be upon you!!! Ah, my mother isn’t home today,” she exclaimed, noticing the unusual silence.

Feeling restless, he entered the bedroom where she lay, still in a deep slumber.

She opened the refrigerator, fetched a bottle of cold water, and splashed it on her face, attempting to shake off the lingering drowsiness.

Letting out a long sigh, Hadida slowly opened her eyes, meeting Zahra’s concerned gaze.

“Falmata, you haven’t stopped taking these tablets, have you? Do you want to harm yourself or make your situation worse?” Zahra’s voice was filled with worry and reproach.

With a warm smile, Hadida sat up, embracing her daughter Sara. “You don’t understand my predicament, Zahra. God knows the situation I’m in. I have a husband, but not his companionship. I am struggling. The pills I take do not intoxicate or anything. They only manage my anxiety and help alleviate my distress. I won’t find any respite until God provides me relief from this loveless marriage.”

Tears began to flow as she continued, “Zahra, your life with Abban Amira seems like a dream to me. No troubles. Your husband doesn’t keep his distance from you. He isn’t cruel.”

“Shhh, Falmata, stop blaming your husband. He is a good man seeking forgiveness. God knows his intentions. She is not the sort to spread falsehoods. She is a woman of virtue, not one to wander around Jos.”

“Uhmm, Zahra, you know how men are. They can’t be alone with me.”

“Kema, there’s no problem, Falmata. You’re just too anxious.”

“No, Zahra, I won’t wash off the water too quickly. I had a good sleep. Let me pray and then I’ll come over to your place. Is Abban Amira out already?”

“Yes, hurry up, and let’s have breakfast.”

“Thank you very much, my dear sister.”

They shared laughter as Atare headed to the restroom and tidied her room, awaiting her company.


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