At the entrance of a well-maintained house, a group of individuals, marked by their determination, contemplated the locked door. They had resorted to violence, and among them, a quieter figure mustered the strength to call out, “JAMIL!!, SULAIMAN! !, ABUBAKAR!!, KAMAL!!, MUSTAPHA!!” They responded eagerly. Kamal suggested, “Hey, ALIYU, let’s use your words to enter. She didn’t tell you the house was locked, should we force the door?”


As Kamal’s words reached her, the door opened, and the people outside began knocking on it vigorously. But none could enter, and their hearts raced in anxiety. ALIYU summoned the strength to enter through a window, only to find their beloved friend lying lifeless on the ground. His pallid body seemed drained of blood, turned blue, and exuded white foam, while his skin had darkened.


One of them cried out and fell unconscious. Others rushed inside, unprepared for the scene. When they witnessed what Aliyu had found, they too succumbed to fainting spells, their hearts seemingly ready to burst from the violence.


In the heart of the city, a desolate expanse sprawled. There, a mysterious woman sat atop a rock, her blue eyes captivating, and her unruly hair inviting laughter. However, her demeanor swiftly shifted as tears of blood welled in her eyes, and she transformed into a snake-like entity. She accused them of causing her daughter’s suffering and cursed them, vowing that they would never find peace. They fled into the forest, leaving a fiery spectacle in their wake.


In a colossal cave, a witch presided over a scene where snakes kneeled before him, their lower halves human. A person wept and thrashed on the ground, full of anger. The witch raised his hands and accused, “Your wife Alina has committed a grave offense; she must touch this world.” Blood covered her face, and tears of blood streamed from her eyes due to her husband’s wrath.


As the husband attempted to speak, the witness halted him, declaring that he was forbidden from entering the world of Adam for the next five thousand years, during the sixth era of grinding. However, Alina had to meet her end.


Overcome with sorrow, the husband tended to Alina, promising to find a way. He assured her that when he emerged from the cave after his lifetime, he would encounter someone resembling Alina, except she would be of the human race. He explained that she would return but in a different form, as a Muslim. He prophesied the construction of a university near the cave and urged the husband to wait until that moment to reunite with her.

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