FALAK BOOK 1 Complete Document Written By Mom Islam



The gentle wind was blowing, enveloping the town in a chilly atmosphere. Most of the people were bundled up in warm clothing. She walked with her arms crossed, reminiscent of a young child.

“Planet,” a low voice called her name. She swiftly turned, surprised to find the window empty. When she spun around, three figures greeted her gaze, each masked with a black cloth over their face. Fear gripped her as she stammered, “Why are you here?”

One of them placed an envelope in the car and they all climbed in, locking the doors. She shouted and prayed fervently to God, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. The black-clad figure exchanged glances with the others, and her eyes closed.

She jolted awake, beads of sweat on her brow. Hurriedly, she rose from the bed, wiped her face, and headed to the adjoining room where the other girls were sleeping. She opened the door, finding them deep in slumber. In a loud voice, she urged, “Munira, Hibba, Saudart, wake up. I had a terrible dream.”

They stirred, offering her little consolation. She had no choice but to find a spot by the bedside to sit, as sleep had abandoned her.

Gradually, a voice was heard, “Here are their rooms, go in.” Falak rolled her eyes before reluctantly joining them. Surprisingly, they placed a stick on Falak’s body, then departed with her. Outside the house, no one stirred, as if they were unaware of the situation. Falak was led away from the house.

In a state of panic, Ummu opened Munira’s room. Not feeling well herself, she glanced at the clock through the window, noting it was 1:20 AM. She muttered, “You should’ve rested less on the day you declared yourself.” Hibba turned around and replied, “Umm, Falak is missing. She’s causing trouble for us. I don’t know when the ordeal will be over.”

Ummu nodded, saying, “I went to take a bath, and I noticed her room was empty.”

Saudart rushed to the toilet, but even the window was vacant. They hurried out in a panic, calling for Falak. They searched every corner of Ammae’s house, but there was no trace of her. Ummu covered her head with a hijab and approached the guard, asking if he had seen anything. He responded, “I’ve been stationed here since morning and haven’t seen anyone…”

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