EZNAH Complete Document Written By Mamuh Gee


He is an elderly gentleman, likely in his fifties or older, with a smooth scalp devoid of hair.

Seated on a woven mat within the confines of his home’s courtyard, he observed contentedly as his companion diligently prepared rice. Placing a damp cloth on his forehead, he sought relief.

Greeting each other warmly, a youthful figure grasped his hand, presenting a freshly caught black Leda fish to their mother. Speaking, he remarked,

“Baffa, it was challenging to secure fish today. I’ll try again early tomorrow before the market opens.”

Radiant with anticipation, the father replied,

“It matters not if this dinma eludes us. Tomorrow, I’ve instructed Aliyu to acquire two chickens for our needs.”

Girigixa Kai inna was taken aback by her father’s unwavering devotion to Anano, transcending the love he held for his other children. Throughout the town, it was common knowledge that his affection for her was unparalleled.

Baffa Salisu hailed from Danja village, nestled alongside a tranquil river in Yola state.

Baffa fathered a daughter and five sons, among whom were four men and one woman born as twins. However, Hussain preceded their naming ceremony, earning her the name _HASSANA_, though she’s affectionately known as _ANANO_, signifying beauty and clarity.

Anano, the youngest and cherished member of the family, filled the void left by Saida’s absence, endearing herself to all, especially her father, who doted on her tenderly, relishing her youthfulness.

Baffa possessed a sizable herd of livestock, and his children maintained his farm, tilling the land every six years.

In the village of Kaf, vocational education focused primarily on agriculture and animal husbandry, with religious studies being paramount.

Yusuf, the eldest, held sway over familial matters, his words carrying significant weight. Once he commenced speaking, disengaging proved challenging.

Aliyu trailed behind Yusuf, burdened by inner turmoil, particularly in matters of responsibility.

Usman, possessing a simplistic demeanor, often grappled with comprehension, occasionally misconstruing his conduct as audacious.

Jafar, notably composed, harbored profound affection for Anano, evident in his demeanor and actions.

An ardent reader since childhood, Anano’s intellectual pursuits brought her immense pride, aligning seamlessly with her educational aspirations. With the advent of school, her perspective broadened, affording her the gift of articulate expression.

During the holidays, they returned to Dade Dan and Saida, spending a substantial five months before preparations for their return to Wanda commenced upon completing their studies.

Upon Jafar’s dissemination of her educational achievements and imminent return, her father eagerly announced her forthcoming success as a distinguished physician.

Yet, an underlying apprehension gnawed at him, particularly concerning a doctor’s visit.

Elaborate arrangements were made to celebrate Anano’s triumphant homecoming.

Anano’s delicate nails mirrored the familial bonds, albeit enhanced by their innate beauty as a testament to her womanhood.

Ayanxu concluded secondary education at a youthful seventeen.

Evenings were consumed by his meticulous preparation of grilled fish, a nostalgic tradition originating from his childhood. His father’s longing for grilled Mata fish and onions remained unfulfilled.

The subsequent morning, amidst bustling activities, the matriarch diligently cleansed rice, alongside preparing tomato soup. Despite her industriousness, she succumbed to a throbbing headache, retiring to bed as the sun dipped below the horizon.

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