DUGUNZUMA Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


When encountering them, giving alms is not something you would consider, especially when you observe their imposing physical features. These individuals moved through the vast forest like seasoned hunters, exuding an air of knowledge about the wilderness, and no sign of fear could be found in them. Doubt seemed to be absent in their presence.

Regardless of the circumstances, anyone who finds themselves in such a dreadful forest, where the youth’s destruction looms, would likely be in danger due to the charisma of these individuals and the wild nature of the surrounding trees, rocks, and rivers. The forest was so silent that only the chirping of birds could be heard, leaving no room for even the slightest noise. The potential danger escalated with the presence of large wild animals.

These remarkable individuals hailed from a small village named GARUL ASWAR, situated under the rule of the ARYANS in the city of LURHAJ. Among them were the seven ZARATAN SADAUKAN: Humairu, ILsam, Zuraif, Hashim, Sahal, Kaimur, and Hashlar. These seven had been inseparable since birth, and they made a pact to do everything in life together, even in marriage or hunting.

Their hunting principle was unique, as they would share equally in any animal they caught, making sure not to take it home individually. Instead, they would gather all the animals at a designated spot and divide them among themselves. This unity and cooperation were evident in their every action.

On one occasion, while chasing a deer in the forest, Humairu and ILsam spent an hour and a half in pursuit, but the deer eluded them. The two displayed their unique skills during the chase, with Humairu’s exceptional speed and ILsam’s expert archery. Other members of the group also showcased their distinctive abilities, such as Zuraif’s remarkable jumping and climbing skills, Hashim’s knowledge of animals, Sahal’s exceptional hearing, Kaimur’s incredible strength, and Hashlar’s swordsmanship.

During their journey, they stumbled upon a dying man by a river, who advised them to return to their village and evacuate everyone due to an impending calamity brought on by powerful and dangerous adversaries. He described these menacing foes as colossal beings riding elephants and wielding deadly weapons.

Upon reaching their village, they were horrified to find it in ruins, with their loved ones slain or taken captive. Grief-stricken and seeking revenge, the group debated the best course of action. Humairu suggested studying the enemy’s strength and magic secretly before devising a plan to rescue their people. However, Kaimur and ILsam clashed in disagreement, resulting in Kaimur’s death.

Tensions rose among the rest, but Humairu managed to prevent further bloodshed. However, their meeting was interrupted when they noticed the arrival of giant warriors riding elephants – the Razanasu. These powerful and colossal individuals posed an overwhelming threat.

In the face of such daunting adversaries, the fate of their village and people hung in the balance.

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