DOCTOR SHAZIM Season 1 Complete Document Written By Khadija M Abdulwahab


12th June 2003

_ Steel 12:30 AM

The early morning was marked by chilly weather and a brisk wind, causing the leaves of the trees to rustle. The unabsorbed water on surfaces and the ground, evidenced by the raindrops in bottles, confirmed that the rain had indeed fallen.

The area was serene, devoid of people due to the combination of night and rain. Even during the daytime, only the glow of light bulbs illuminated the surroundings, with occasional glimpses of street lamps.

The locale belonged to the elite class of society, housing renowned businessmen and government officials.

A car hastily navigated a corner, trailed by four other vehicles. The speed indicated a sense of urgency, leading the small car to the main road, with the others in pursuit. The driver’s determination suggested a pursuit between life and death. As he glanced in the rearview mirror, the lights of the trailing cars intensified the chase.

The pursuit continued until they exited the town, the owner of the car relying on speed alone. Suddenly, a massive truck replaced the smaller cars. Without a plan to evade, the driver unwittingly found himself heading into a dense forest. In a panicked attempt to brake, he plummeted into a deep hole, resigning to what seemed like an inevitable end.

Amidst contemplating his fate, a jarring collision with the truck left him unconscious. The truck, undeterred, struck the car multiple times, sending it further into the abyss.

The truck driver parked at the pit’s edge, peering into the darkness below. He chuckled, satisfied that the mission was accomplished. Returning to his truck, he left the scene, leaving the car abandoned in the depths of the pit.

Later, a phone call interrupted the silence. The caller ID displayed “boss.” The conversation revealed that the mission was successful, and the driver was instructed to provide his account number for the payment. Grateful, he thanked his boss and left the area.

????~ _Kainaat_ ~ ????

Describing the dwelling as snug, neither too small nor too large, it featured a thin roof. The house’s exterior displayed a battle of white and blue, with a matching blue and white gate. Upon entering, one would encounter a security guard’s room on the left, and a parking lot on the right, housing five expensive vehicles. The well-kept garden added to the property’s charm.

Behind the owner’s living space, the boys’ quarters were situated. The well-decorated parlor showcased lavish furniture in hues of onion and pitch. The twin upstairs on the right added to the elegance. A kitchen on the left connected to a dining area with seven chairs. A corridor leading eastward revealed four bedrooms.

As the story unfolded, the narrative shifted to the daughters of the house. Their morning routine, banter, and preparations for school were detailed. The description painted a vivid picture of their living quarters, their interactions, and the departure of an important figure, “Abie,” from their lives.

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