DOCTOR HEESHAM Complete Document Written By Mujahida



In a small, impoverished neighborhood named Aguje Yashigo, a row of modest houses lines the streets. Nearby, a bridge spans the gap, almost serving as a symbol of the impoverished community. As the area is often referred to as the “poverty camp neighborhood,” the melodious tune of Silendiyon’s song wafts through the air, filling it with a sweet serenity that captivates anyone listening.

Amidst this setting, I encountered an elderly gentleman who appeared to be around 45 years old. A single glance revealed the harshness of his life etched onto his face. His weathered appearance told the story of a man who had endured much, and despite his relatively young age, the hardships he faced had prematurely aged him.

Suddenly, tragedy struck as he stumbled and fell, injuring his big toe. Blood began to flow from the wound, drawing the attention of a small crowd who gathered around him. Some addressed him respectfully as Baba Sani, extending their greetings and concern.

As he managed to rise and regain his composure, his gaze shifted to a nearby car, gleaming with newness. It was clear that today marked the first day of its use. The vehicle’s price tag of seven million naira didn’t escape his notice, causing him to shake his head in disbelief. He couldn’t fathom such lavish spending, viewing it as a squandering of resources. The juxtaposition between this extravagant display of wealth and his own humble existence was stark, embodying the contrast between opulence and destitution.

Reflecting on the scene before him, it was evident that the old man’s story encapsulated a significant aspect of the neighborhood. In contrast to the opulent young doctor Heesham, a relative known for his wealth and education, the old man embodied a different kind of beauty – a raw, unfiltered purity shaped by life’s struggles.

Eventually, the old man made his way back to his familiar surroundings. Seated among his fellow residents, he became a part of the ebb and flow of life in this modest community, his experiences a testament to the resilience and fortitude that define the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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