DILLALIN MUTUWA Part 6  Complete Document Written By Ismail Abdullahi


When Xuhair unsheathed his sword and roared at him, Prince Muraisu retaliated by brandishing the sword’s hilt and declared that today would be his end. In response, Xuhair screamed and the two locked eyes. Muraisu taunted, “You, boy, I am the harbinger of death.” The dire circumstances overwhelmed Mursiayatashi’s mind, plunging her into a tragic contemplation. Raising his sword to capture the moment, he struggled to maintain control. Zuhair mocked and turned his gaze to Mursiya, accusing her of hypocrisy and vowing to curse her beauty. Mursiya, unfazed, questioned whom he was addressing. Zuhair replied, “Kinrasashi, no matter what fate befalls you.” Drawing his sword, he attacked Xuhair, who skillfully evaded, retorting to Prince Muraisu, “I must have danced with death twice today, and your sins will not go unpunished.”

Prince Muraisu departed without a word, leaving Mursiya to confront the aftermath. As they returned home to rest, Xuhair’s father observed the return of Prince Muraisu. Musluhu sought vengeance, devising a plan to eliminate the guards protecting Prince Muraisu and Zuhair. The shocking act drew everyone’s attention, and King Lukman demanded to know the culprit. Baiham claimed to have strong evidence, accusing Yirima and Muraisu of orchestrating the attack on his brother, Sadauki Xuhair, and the Princess of Dakuma. He alleged that the forty troops, all war commanders, were involved. According to Baiham, a minor altercation between Dana Xuhair and Prince Muraisu escalated, resulting in Zuhair’s death and the slaying of the intervening Arba army. Prince Muraisu, injured, sought medical attention, and his survival was uncertain. The King ordered an investigation, and when questioned, Prince Muraisu pointed to Princess Mursiya as the one with knowledge of the incident. Vaima objected, asserting that Mursiya, being Muraisu’s lover, couldn’t be a reliable witness. Consequently, she was arrested pending investigation for the alleged crime.

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