DAULATUL ARAB Complete Document Written By Zainab Ahmad Yusuf


His car’s nose skims the road as he races without a pause, prompting other drivers to attempt to overtake him.

“FERAS, slow down the cars; let’s block the main mosque road, and cut the music after the noon prayer,” someone instructs.

FERAS, taking a drag from his cigarette, looks at his friend and retorts, “Sheik Yasir might not approve of me taking you alone to the mosque.”

“Honestly, FERAS, you have no right. I’ll pray. Don’t forget my beer yesterday. I’ll pray after Arba day,” defends the other.

Smirking, FERAS responds, “Complaining about my driving after we’ve had a drink? Since alcohol is forbidden while praying, stop your complaints. Let’s hurry; we need to reach our destination before time runs out.”

They continue speeding, engulfing their surroundings in cigarette smoke and blaring music, creating a cacophony that feels like a head-splitting experience.

Seeing a red car in front, with pressure to slow down mounting, FERAS panics and accelerates, colliding with the red car. The rubber behind the tow truck is damaged, enraging its owner.

FERAS gets out and sees an old man pulling the damaged car. Angrily, he grabs the old man and slaps him.

In the midst of chaos, FERAS arrogantly remarks, “Whose father tied you down in this country, driving my car? Move it elsewhere or save your life at home.”

The old man, in tears, pleads, “For God’s sake, sir, help me buy a 20 million car; he can compensate the 100 million car owner.”

Despite the crowd, no one intervenes directly, opting for whispers. FERAS, with the pride bestowed by his affluent family, dismisses the onlookers.

Standing tall, FERAS addresses the old man, “There’s no car big enough for me. Why should I forgive you? Let’s get rid of this wreckage.”

No one objects, acknowledging it as the simplest solution. The old man, overwhelmed, turns to the crowd, pleading for help. Despite the collective sympathy, his agitation leads him to sit atop his car, lighting a cigarette and drinking until the car repairs conclude.

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