It has been three weeks since the events transpired, but the impact still lingers in their hearts. Kuzari carries the scars of his injuries, as if his entire body avoids any contact with the painful memories. The world around them has shrunk to a narrow existence, making it impossible to forget the suffering they endured. Their happiness serves as a counterbalance to the worries of others, and they do not look down upon those less fortunate.

In an ideal world, where power resides within every individual, she would be the world’s foremost authority, capable of shaking the hearts of oppressors. In these three weeks of sorrow, the life of Mal’s family has transformed. Their bond is as precious as a diamond in the midst of gold. Their wealth is not in material possessions but in their unwavering support for each other. They are a group of people who deeply love one another, shedding tears when one is in pain, and rejoicing when one is happy. They care for each other’s well-being, and in their unity, they find strength.

???????????????????????????????????????? Romania, a country rich in history, has been home to great empires ruled by mighty kings whose stories remain etched in history. Their wealth extends beyond gold, encompassing a wide variety of fruits, agricultural products, and livestock. These goods are both exported to other nations and brought into the country for trade. The people of Romania are a diverse group, with a majority possessing great charisma. However, the presence of beauty does not diminish the value of those considered less attractive.

Romania is home to various religions and tribes, but the Romanian language is most widely spoken, and the Muslim faith holds significant influence. Despite the dominance of Islam, the country respects its ancestral traditions, particularly the notion of power. The power structures and cultural norms have shielded them from the influences brought by Europeans a century ago. Romania is characterized by a strong sense of autonomy, with no external government holding sway over their kingdom. Instead, they are ruled by kings who oversee their domain.

???????????????????????????????? The power structure in Romania resembles a presidential palace in some countries. However, it is not political power but the ???????????????????????? ????????????????????, a formidable empire that stands as a guardian against any challenges within Romania. This empire holds absolute authority, and no voice can be raised against the ruling king. The power of the King of Kings permeates every corner of Romania, and even the mere sight of their ruler remains elusive. The kings of this empire command unwavering respect, and their appearances are concealed to all except a select few during the annual traditional game. According to Pomegranate dynasty rules, when a crown prince turns seven, he is hidden from view. His identity remains undisclosed until he reaches maturity, and it is only then that other kingdoms catch a glimpse of him. This signifies the transition of power. However, the kings of Romania do not reveal their crown princes to anyone during their reign.

???????????????????????????????????? The current ruler, ????__???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????-????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????, has been an unparalleled force in the world. His empire extends beyond Romania into the entire African region. His strength and rule command respect and fear, not only within Romania but throughout Africa. He has amassed immense wealth and left an indelible mark on Romania and Africa as a whole. Despite challenges and opposition, King Haysam remains unrivaled.

King Haysam holds a unique perspective on his only son, even more than the other kings do. He has positioned himself as a dominant figure in the red-skinned nations, defying fear and doubt. The power and legacy of his empire remain unshaken by any challenger.

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