On the busy road, there were cars that seemed to breathe with Rai and Lfy, boasting seven glass rims. These cars sped down the road as though they might take flight any moment. Pedestrians, especially those walking at a leisurely pace, did their best to steer clear of these vehicles. The cars approached and forced other vehicles to stop. Loud and frenzied music emanated from the cars, blasting through the windows and into the ears of those in nearby vehicles.

Eventually, they arrived at Dagudu’s house, and the security guards promptly opened the gate for them. These newcomers were no ordinary guests; they had armed security officers accompanying them. Among them was a striking twenty-five-year-old man, exceptionally handsome, with a first-class appearance, fair complexion reminiscent of an Arab, and a hairstyle to match. His hair featured two contrasting colors, black and blonde, and he adorned his neck with chains. On his fingers were large rings, some even on his nails. He stood tall and imposing, while I felt dwarfed in comparison.

He wore the latest trendy office-style pants and had on a stylish pair of shoes. Glasses perched on his nose, and he held expensive phones in his hands. A group of young people accompanied him, acting as his entourage. Despite their affluent appearance, they showed little respect for the house staff.

To them, the household servants were beneath them, and they disregarded the rules. They ignored greetings from the workers, sparking unexpected turmoil. Suddenly, one of the workers received a slap and a barrage of insults. Enraged, the young man began fighting with the house staff.

He shouted, “Who do you think you are? You’re reckless! You’d even hit me if I crossed paths with you on the road! You don’t recognize my authority. Who’s your boss? Who are you? You’re nothing but a lowly worker. Until I deem you clean, you’ll remain dirty. I’ll establish order here. Kneel before me!”

The worker knelt down, pleading with the young man, “Please, forgive me, kind sir. I don’t know what I did wrong. Spare me. We rely on this job for our livelihood. We’re barely making ends meet.”

Troubled, the worker hid in a corner of the house, despairing. He called out to his mother, “Mommy, Mommy!”

In fear, she rushed out, responding, “Lfy, what’s wrong?”

He explained, “We have these unruly housekeepers, and I intend to take action against them all, and perhaps hire new ones.”

Before his mother could respond, he continued, “You’re like a Nabil, the one praised by Rai. You have a role as a minister, and you have the influence to deal with anyone in this country. I stand by you. I don’t know anyone else. I need to hear from you. What do you want? Are you my heir, or are you after my life or wealth? My fortune is at your disposal. Do as you wish. You can even eliminate those who oppose you. The house workers have overstepped their bounds.”

Nabil spoke up, “Daddy, I’ve already taken action against them and terminated their employment. They won’t trouble you anymore. I appreciate your support and trust in me. Now, I’d like to recommend a replacement who will manage your affairs more effectively. They will all follow my directives, and you won’t need to concern yourself with the staff. The minister agrees with this approach.”

The minister added, “Indeed, Nabil, go ahead with your plans. Let the replacement you suggest take charge.”

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