DAN HAKIN DA KA RAINA Complete Document Written By Saiya A Umar


Hadarine was seated near the stove, tending to the fire as she fanned it. Due to her advanced pregnancy of six months, she struggled to rise from her spot and gather the water she had been carrying.

Sallama greeted her with a warm smile and said, “Yes, Hajjah, he will be arriving soon. He’s prepared for the felling.”

In a louder voice, she added, “I seem to have intruded into your space.”

“I feel the same way,” Hadarine acknowledged, understanding her unspoken sentiment.

Yafuta Mosque was their destination, and they were about to depart.

“Well, if he arrives and inquires about me, inform him that I am at the Pilgrim’s residence,” she instructed, or if she doesn’t respond, turn and hasten away.

Hadarine left the hut, heading toward her daughter and entering the small kitchen where they were cooking, tending to the fire.

Hapsath noted the urgency to leave due to the looming danger that was visible before them.

RABI’ATU replied, “Hello, you’ll be apprehended soon.”

“Come, Ummerh, it’s time, as danger is imminent. Why don’t you change out of your uniform and go inform your sister? Your father is currently at the mosque. I overheard your farewell earlier.”

Ummerh proceeded to her room, shedding her worn uniform, patched in places.

Kakah Hajjah was determined to return to the Itada Pilgrim Hermes Rabi Rabii Rabii. “Where are you off to, Kakah Hajjah? I hear he is returning to Amman to visit the prisoners who stole from you.”

Upon being apprehended, she said, “You resemble a Hajjah. Look at her.”

Sallamar al-Hajja, the mudan, was distracted by the incoming pilgrims and began acting as a valet.

“Tell me, what is your decision regarding my son’s proposal? Will you refuse to marry him or not?” she inquired with a pleasant smile.

Hajjah replied, “All I have to say is that you take good care of my son.”

“If that’s the case, then there’s no need to worry,” reassured Tayayama before continuing the conversation as before.

“Oh, Hermione, I regret not realizing from the start that their marriage would be detrimental to them.”

“I’m sorry, it’s Saturday,” added someone.

“O Amman, tomorrow is Saturday, Hajjah’s day,” another voice interjected.

“Yesterday, I was waiting to show you the van, and I overheard it,” someone else shared.

“God made us turn and flee from it,” Hermione stated, seeing him sitting there quietly. She approached him and, after a moment of courage, said, “Let’s go inside.”

They entered the room and made their way to the kitchen.


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