DAN DAMBE Complete Document Written By Mrs Sadauki



Tsuki gently pulled her back, causing her to divert her attention to the sizable TV mounted on the wall. Her gaze then wandered to his robust chest, reminiscent of a woman’s ample bosom, radiating an intense fervor. A similar gravitational pull compelled her to return the gesture. Their lips met briefly before her focus reconvened on him, trailing from his bare abdomen to his impeccably shaved physique. Her countenance exhibited a mixture of fascination and anticipation, her eyes on the cusp of unveiling his masculinity, concealed within snug black shorts adorned with white stripes.

She deftly retrieved the remote control and powered off the television. From behind her, her name rang out, prompting an exuberant reaction. Gleefully, she embraced her closest friend, inquiring, “When did you arrive?” A playful nudge accompanied her friend’s response, “Release me, Teacher, lest you strike and deem me a BOXER.” Maryam jestingly alluded to a previous escapade, remarking, “You’re the one who hauled him in when he tried to escape; your mouth must’ve suffered.”

“Do boxers go back to wearing shorts?” Maryam playfully quizzed, to which Siya retorted, “Even his private area is on display, I find it rather distasteful.” Laughter ensued, followed by a greeting directed at Saadiyya. However, confusion arose as Siya queried, “And who is Saadiyya?” Maryam elucidated, “The woman he’s destined to marry – his cousin. The arrangement is his mother’s doing, in fact, he’s still unaware of the impending marriage; his mother is the architect behind it all.”

Siya’s bewilderment deepened, verging on tears. Seeking clarification, she implored, “Are you saying he’s being forced into marriage?” Maryam reassured, “Exactly. It’s being orchestrated for him. He doesn’t truly love her. She’s his cousin, and the plans are being carried out without his knowledge.”

As the conversation swayed, Siya found herself unknowingly becoming a cheerleader, Maryam reclaiming the remote to activate the TV. The uproar of the crowd reverberated through the hall as a dance number unfolded, culminating in the conclusion of the game. In a moment of triumph, TOBY celebrated vociferously, his infectious happiness granting her a smile despite her inner turmoil. Striving to rise and join the front row, her gaze fixed on the television screen, she was caught in a serendipitous act as TOBY aligned with the camera and bestowed a virtual kiss. The intimate moment transcended the screen, Maryam seizing the chance to capture her joy on camera.

With the TV relinquishing its role, Siya directed a quizzical look at Maryam, who, in turn, quipped, “Well, you clearly don’t need it, hence why you switched it off.” Playfully, Siya retorted, “My dear friend, I’ve long known of your lack of affection for me.” Amused laughter ensued as Maryam replied, “Do I not love you to the extent of pilfering TOBY’s pictures?” An inquiry about a bag tug led to the discovery of a spectrum of TOBY’s images, including a framed one resembling those placed near beds.

Siya’s excitement manifested in a fervent outcry, followed by a meticulous examination of each image. Among them, a solitary snapshot of TOBY donning boxer attire revealed his uncensored physique. A pang of discomfort welled within Siya. Lifting her gaze, she thanked Maryam earnestly, invoking blessings upon their friendship. Maryam reciprocated, “Amen! I bring you good tidings – TOBY will be in Niger in two days.” Her announcement echoed with a sense of anticipation.

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