D’AUKE D’AI D’AI DUNIYAR SHAID’ANU   Complete Document Written By Mujahida Matar Malam


I observed a young man sitting alongside his family, the love between them palpable.

“Son,” the woman said, her voice serious. Hearing her use his name immediately drew his attention, as she rarely addressed him directly, “Soldier.”

“Yes, Mother,” he responded.

“Soldier in Canada, it’s time to work. Even if your father arranges a marriage for you, we can’t ignore the need for a job. You’ve been working for three years now, and we’re running low on funds. I don’t know what to do next,” she continued.

“Your mother speaks the truth. Now that you’re 30, it’s time to settle down,” his father, Abba, added.

“Hmm, God willing, I will try to find the right one,” he assured them.

“Thank God, a window of opportunity has opened,” his mother commented.

His phone rang, and Taj’s name appeared. With a smile, he answered, “Hello, my friend, Yane.”

On the other end, he heard, “You sent us an email earlier. The Major is urgently looking for us. We have a new assignment.”

Ending the call, he mused, “Another assignment? We just had a one-month break. What’s the new assignment?”

“I’m not sure either. By the way, I only passed on the message. Sam is also surprised. But what if we go to Abuja tomorrow? I know,” the voice on the phone responded.

“Alright. I’m sorry. We’ll meet tomorrow,” he replied before ending the call and checking his email, confirming the meeting for the next day.

With his parents’ well wishes, he embarked on the journey.

The following day, they all convened at the main headquarters of the army in Abuja. Major Sa’id Yafito addressed the group, selecting those who would accompany him.

Among the four friends, Samir, Taj, Sam, and Jidda, he began, “The reason for our urgent call is an epidemic in a nearby town that has affected the young daughter of a general, not more than three years old. We need you to go and save this child. You, Captain Samir, will lead the mission. Given your familiarity with forest weapons, Emanuel will assist you. Where to start, sell your permission. The remaining companions will follow. All 200 of you will be equipped with adequate weaponry for the dangers of the forest. Those who succeed on this mission will be rewarded with honor and a special gift, not to mention the gratitude of the general once his daughter is saved. You may depart now. May grace and success be with you.”


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