*Sounds* of crying resonated throughout the house, with some cries turning into screams and names being mentioned among the mourners. People fell to the ground, overcome by the intensity of their grief. Everyone inside the house was grappling with the profound loss of something dear to them.

My heart ached as I listened to their cries.

I approached a young girl, no older than 13, who seemed remarkably composed despite her tender age. Her tears flowed silently, unlike the wailing and sobbing of her relatives.

Before I could inquire about the reason for their sorrow, I heard her say, “ALLAH is our father, may ALLAH forgive you. Today is your final resting place, and ALLAH is your sole companion. We have no counsel to offer today, for you are beyond our guidance. (For ALLAH, the example does not apply).”

Takuma’s words were accompanied by heart-wrenching sobs that, if you were close enough, could drown out all other sounds.

(Humm, this death has deeply troubled my husband. I lost my father on the 1st day of the month of Rajab, three months have passed. May ALLAH forgive them all, ameen).

An elderly man paced between the rooms and the center of the house, saying, “Oh Salam! Oh my God, Son of God, this is your due in this world, Malam Abubakar. You are a Muslim, and this outcry and commotion do not befit you. Pray. The teacher is in need of your prayers for his family. Our weeping will not bring him back, but our patience and composure will plead for his forgiveness from the Lord of the Throne. Son of GOD, let us grieve for him, may GOD forgive him, and thank us for his loss.”

As the elderly man spoke, a hush fell over the house. His words had a calming effect, silencing everyone except for those crying inconsolably and those whose hearts were breaking.

Within two hours, the body of the late Malam Abubakar, a respected teacher and expert in religious knowledge, a devout Muslim who had served the community, lay in repose. May Allah forgive him. The sorrow of the bereaved would not end that day. Malam Abubakar had passed away after a brief 18-day illness, attributed to his devotion to prayer and worship.

The children gathered to pray, but his son showed no interest. However, his son and daughter, who were in the room, were brought out and collapsed to the ground.

May ALLAH forgive him and all the Muslim brothers and sisters who were already in the house of Gsky.

*_Orphans in your heart ????????‍♀, may God have mercy on us ????_*

After the meeting, his two wives, Barirah and Fadima, were called to bid their final farewells. They prayed for his soul and sought his forgiveness before leaving the room in tears. Following them, it was time for his children, numbering nine. The wife of the house had six children, and the bride Fadima had three. They, too, offered prayers for their father and wished him well before joining the ranks of mourners outside, tears streaming down their faces.

About 17 minutes later, the body of Malam Abubakar arrived at his house in Gsky, and the sounds of crying grew louder.

*_That is death, turning a wife into a widow, a child into an orphan, severing worldly happiness, cutting ties of friendship and brotherhood._* ????

It reminds you to do good deeds, even if you fear this day ????????. Today, it’s my father; tomorrow, it’s my friend, my wife, my son’s privilege. Why should we think we will not experience it someday? ???????? ????.

Malam Abubakar’s body was placed at the entrance of his house, and thousands of people accompanied him to his final resting place. The house was now filled with visitors paying their respects.

Well, there’s a saying that if you visit a house of mourning, you will witness a *Wanda Kaimawa,* which roughly translates to this: at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, some people start talking again, and they even load food into their mouths. But this was not comforting for Malam Abubakar’s children, who remained deeply concerned.

That’s how it was.

*7 days ago*

Today marked the seventh-day prayer for Malam Abubakar. After the initial commotion and grief had subsided, his family gathered for a meeting. The house was filled with extended family members and close friends, everyone gathered in front of the deceased, except for his siblings, who had doubts about their place in the gathering.

Elder M. Bilyamin Shiya began to offer prayers and deliver a eulogy for the late Malam Abubakar. People from the community, both distant and close, had gathered to pay their respects. Elder M. Bilyamin Shiya prayed for the soul of the departed and the entire Muslim community before addressing the family.

He spoke at length about the deceased’s life and how he had not achieved what he had aspired to. In a gentle tone, he looked at each family member and said, “Forgive me for what I am about to say, especially you, mothers. I understand that every mother wishes to be with her children, except in this case. *Addara tarabasu, many ansoba,* as I can see, today she will be far from you, my son. This is the greatest tribute we can pay to your father, and it is a way for us to express our love for our brother, after…

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