Fadeela, who trailed behind Aysha, inquired, “Gaggo! Are you alright? Where have you been, dear?”
I ask this question every evening.

As Gwaggo bintu exhaled, Aysha refrained from saying anything. It was as if her words had been swallowed by silence.

Suddenly, a jarring sound from her phone startled her. She released her grip on it and instinctively checked the message it had received.

The message read, “_Don’t engage in anything that might expose you to your sister and jeopardize our work. Be cautious. If you wish to maintain the appearance of normalcy for your sister’s sake, refrain from doing so._”

Aysha repeated the message in surprise and wondered, “Who is this?”

In the background, the elderly woman’s voice could be heard, “Aysha, who are you really? Why have you returned to us?” She was visibly upset and tears welled up in her eyes.

Aysha rushed to her side, gently patting her and whispering something in her ear. “May Allah soften your heart and guide me to become a better person.”

They reassured Fadeela that they were unaware of the situation and attempted to console her. Fadeela pulled Aysha away and offered an apology.

The elderly lady’s stern demeanor remained unchanged. Aysha’s words seemed to have no effect. Aysha turned to the old woman and quipped, “I guess I won’t be dealing with rabbits anymore, huh? No more of that for me.”

She then sat beside the elderly lady, and Bishirah sensed a palpable connection between them as they held hands.

“Aysha, why haven’t you changed?” Bishirah inquired.

Aysha chuckled, “Why did you change my name? You’re getting married soon, my dear friend.”

Bishirah replied, “Yes, just two more months. May God bless you.”

As they spoke, they recalled their time in the hospital. The burden of guilt weighed heavily on Dana Sani’s heart for betraying her relative’s daughter. During her time at the hospital, not a single member of her extended family had visited her. She glanced at Aysha, who had grown into a mature woman.

Aysha pulled Bishirah aside, and they sat down to talk. Bishirah asked, “Aysha, what happened after I left? Where are your parents?”

Aysha began by expressing her gratitude and stated that God had been gracious to her. She kept the details of her ordeal to herself. Bishirah wept, overwhelmed by emotions, and inquired about the welfare of her husband and asked about the young bride.

“Bishirah, do you know what my secret is?” Aysha inquired.

Bishirah replied, “No, I don’t.”

“Because you’ve been a pillar of support, I’ll share my secret with you. I intend to seek revenge against Hajaya and the others, but I possess secrets that will make that difficult for them.”

Aysha leaned closer and whispered in Bishirah’s ear, sharing the news about her upcoming actions.

As they continued discussing life matters and their plans for the future, Fadeelah approached, laughing heartily. Aysha remarked, “I’m sorry, how do you say ‘congratulations’?”

Confused, Aysha glanced around, unsure of what to do. When they eventually left, Dan and the others were saying their goodbyes that evening.

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