BUSA A MUTU Book 6 Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani M Gini


The malevolent nature of King Labarazu inflicted suffering upon his subjects. For three decades, he ruled with oppression, tormenting the villagers and neighboring townsfolk. Efforts to overthrow him, including a failed attempt to slay his dragon, proved futile.

Hope dwindled as the people awaited the day of King Labarazu’s demise, longing for respite from his tyranny. Upon the arrival of the merchant Rubiyan at the palace, King Labarazu expressed concern over the presence of strangers who seemed to possess knowledge of the town’s secrets.

Rubiyan recounted their peculiar behavior, from refusing food and drink to their insistence on finding their way home solely through the market. Despite attempts to detain them, they eluded capture, leaving King Labarazu infuriated.

Using sorcery, King Labarazu sought to identify the strangers, only to discover Princess Suzaila among them. Distraught, he ordered preparations to slay the dragon and eliminate the foreigners, deeming them a threat to his rule.

In a moment of fear and desperation, Rubiyan confessed his failure to inform the king earlier, prompting King Labarazu to devise a plan to capture and kill the intruders. Determined to end their reign, King Labarazu ordered the slaughter of Dodo and vowed to outsmart the foreigners.

Meanwhile, Prince Hasralu and Princess Suzaila grappled with their own thoughts. Hasralu recalled his encounter with Gimbiva SulaiZa, while Suzaila reminisced about her interactions with a mysterious student, believed to be the hero Imran.

As tensions mounted, the fate of the kingdom hung in the balance, with each character entangled in a web of intrigue and uncertainty.

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