BARIKI AUREN SOJA Complete Document Written By Fenerh


N.D.A Barrack, a convoy of soldiers in a row of Hilux vehicles with a giant jeep in the middle, entered the imposing gate guarded by soldiers. The main house, a sign of seniority, caught their attention and they proceeded towards it. The soldiers stepped out of the cars, armed and ready, awaiting the arrival of their leader.

A soldier emerged from the front car carrying a briefcase, large phones, and a laptop bag. He opened the back door of the car with respect, assuming it was their master. However, when he saw the person who stepped out, he quickly hid behind the flower trees in the hall. It was a handsome and strong young man in a green military uniform. General Muhammad Abdullah, the G.O.C I DIV Nigerian Army Kaduna, was a charismatic and imposing figure.

With an air of confidence and character, it was evident that he maintained his physique through rigorous training and a healthy lifestyle. He was a man any woman would desire to have, and he was honored and respected wherever he went.

As the soldiers guarded the door of his house, General Muhammad Abdullah entered. Inside, there was a joyful reunion between him and his loved ones, with his PA, Ahmed, handling the arrangements. Gifts and money were distributed, reflecting the love and appreciation his family and associates had for him.

Ahmed also went to his own house nearby. His wife, Maryam, ran out to greet him, holding their little boy, Akayi. Overwhelmed with happiness, Maryam shared her excitement about Yasmin Ahmed’s upcoming visit. They laughed and comforted each other, expressing their hope for a peaceful resolution with Yasmin.

Amidst their conversation, Maryam made a playful remark about praying for Yasmin’s change of heart. She held their unborn child close, expressing her love and support for Ahmed.

In the main living room, Muhammad noticed a pair of women’s shoes, which triggered an emotional reaction. He called out to his assistant, Emanuel, to inquire about Yasmin’s visit. Emanuel revealed that Yasmin had given him money, which led to Muhammad’s displeased response.

Despite the tension, Muhammad’s demeanor softened when he heard Maryam’s laughter from outside. He smiled, embracing the love and happiness in his family, while also carrying the burden of unresolved conflicts.

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