A young girl, aged between 10 to 16 years old, overheard her mother saying, “Mom, I’m sorry, son of God, I’m sorry, but I don’t know.” The mother responded, “Come on, I’m a witch, I’m going to lie.” The girl looked at her mother and then turned to her grandmother, saying, “Oh my God, what you are doing is a gift.” Her mother replied, “Yes, dear, you’re talking to me because she has wronged me. I told her I don’t have the power to do anything.” Unhappy with this, the girl shook her body and then retreated to her room.

She was upset and continued to have an argument within herself. She would put things down and then pick them up again.

Later, the girl’s father, known as Teacher Adamu, spoke to her. He said, “Rufaida, the girl who was called Rufaida, came to her father.” Rufaida cried and said, “Who is the son of God, and why did mother send him? Even though he is in his right mind, he told him to be quiet, and my daughter… I don’t know where she is. But I’m sorry. God willing, she will come back. You heard it from her.”

During the night, at around 2:30 AM, the husband heard a woman’s laughter from a distance of 50 meters away from the house. As he was about to investigate, he glanced at Rufaida’s room and heard her speaking.

“Rufaida, be patient. I’m coming for you, and you won’t escape the punishment you deserve.”

The mysterious woman then went to her aunt’s room and found her on the bed. When the aunt woke up, she looked towards the sky and then at the window. She didn’t see the sky and didn’t go back to sleep. She started shouting, “Oh God, I see my mother, my father, I see the Master. Come and tell me. I see. I am a son of God. My mother, paradise, I’m sorry. I won’t visit the wealthy people’s homes. I’m not in paradise. Son of God, I’m sorry. I didn’t come anymore.”

Before she could finish, she collapsed, and those present placed her on the bed, eventually releasing her.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the mother came into the house. There was no prayer, no salat, but she began shouting. Even when she looked out of the window, she kept calling out. “I haven’t fought with the demons; you’re just pretending. You’re a clever one!” Rufaida approached her mother and struck her, saying, “I am sleeping.” Her mother gave her a disapproving look and said her goodbyes, “Can’t you see I’m a bad person? Get up and scold me, scold me.” As she left, she muttered, “When I sent money for nuts, I was in tears, but when the light went out, Innah rolled her eyes and said, ‘Let me take the girl away.'”

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