BANBANCIN KASA Complete Document Written By Siyama Ibrahim


In this forest, the only things flying are the voices of birds and the cries of animals, while arrows are released from different directions, making it seem like the law of the jungle is at play. A man is running for his life, pursued relentlessly by a determined woman. He seeks help and salvation, but her goal is to capture him and obtain information.

Swiftly, he hides behind a large tree with a raised platform, hoping to evade his pursuer. But suddenly, a strong hand presses him against the tree, leaving him gasping for breath. The woman holds a sword to his neck, demanding information about his origins and who sent him.

Desperate to live, the man pleads for mercy, mentioning his family, wife, and young daughter. He promises never to serve the woman’s enemy again. But she remains stern, spitting on him, and asks if she should allow him to return to where he was sent.

Afraid, he stutters and tries to correct himself, but a harsh slap silences him. Knowing the woman despises head-shaking, he quickly agrees with her, not wanting to face her wrath.

Suddenly, a sharp sound interrupts the scene, and the woman swiftly takes down the attacker. She is an expert warrior, unyielding and deadly. She continues her mission, eliminating anyone who opposes her. Finally, she reaches an intersection and delivers a message for the Ottoman emperor, asserting her identity as the queen of warriors and making it clear that she does not entertain any affairs with women, only men who answer to their names.

With her message delivered, the forest falls silent once more, and the woman carries on with her enigmatic journey.

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