BAKIN ARTABU book 3  Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


When King Raihan returned to his throne following King Uhaisu’s imprisonment, his mind churned with turmoil, rendering him unable to find solace in sitting or standing. He bowed his head in a semblance of defeat, grappling with the severity of the punishment he had meted out. A flicker of realization illuminated his thoughts—perhaps his decree had been too harsh. After all, King Uhaisu had confessed his love for Yazila, a valiant warrior, and pledged to embrace Islam if it meant marrying her. Such devotion, Raihan mused, could prove invaluable in their ongoing struggles against their adversaries.

Yet, as clarity dawned upon him, Raihan resolved to rectify his mistake. He vowed to visit the imprisoned Uhaisu on the morrow, extending an apology and offering a proposition: conversion to Islam in exchange for his release and marriage to Yazila. With this decision made, Raihan found a sense of peace settling upon him, allowing him to finally succumb to a troubled sleep.

Meanwhile, King Daksur’s search for Uhaisu in the forest proved fruitless after four exhaustive hours. Despite their efforts, neither sight nor sound of the missing king emerged, leaving them disheartened and uncertain of their next move. Returning to camp, Daksur convened a meeting with his fellow kings to discuss the perplexing turn of events.

Addressing the assembly, Daksur expressed their shared apprehension over Uhaisu’s absence from the battlefield. Speculation abounded regarding his whereabouts and intentions, with some suggesting he may have ventured towards the enemy city, either to deceive or confront them directly. Seeking counsel, Daksur turned to his companions for advice.

In response, the war king urged caution, advocating for patience until the morning to discern Uhaisu’s true motives. Only then could they formulate a decisive course of action. His words resonated with the gathered kings, prompting a somber acknowledgment of the uncertainty that lay ahead.

As the assembly dispersed, Daksur remained deep in thought, contemplating the implications of their predicament. Though uncertainty loomed, they placed their trust in the wisdom of their war king, acknowledging the need to await dawn’s light before charting their next move.

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