BAKIN ARTABU book 2  Complete Document Written By Abdulaziz Sani Madakin Gini


The gates of Egypt’s city brimmed with an overflow of armed forces, a sight devoid of any gaps. Yet, their total count didn’t surpass three hundred and twenty thousand.

At the forefront stood three figures leading them: King Raihan, followed by JARUMA YAZILA and JARUMA DABIR. Yazila and Dabira, joining the fray, clad themselves in full metal armor, concealing their identities beneath helmets that obscured their features.

As the king donned his armor, every aspect of his attire exuded an aura of foreboding, from his darkened sword hilt to his shield. Suddenly, the air resonated with the thunderous beat of tambourines and drums, seemingly summoned from the heavens, enveloping all in a surreal cacophony reminiscent of celestial hosts.

Approaching, the approaching contingent struck fear into the hearts of onlookers as their numbers dwarfed those defending the city of Misra a thousandfold. The sky churned with rising dust, the thunderous rhythm of hooves echoing ominously.

Even the bravest soul, confronted with Susark DAKSUR’s formidable army, would be stricken with awe, as though witnessing the dawn of a world war. To their astonishment, the king of Daksur noted the apprehension among his comrades. However, instead of succumbing to panic, they remained steadfast, awaiting orders with quiet resolve, their hearts silently pleading for divine intervention.

As King Daksur surveyed their adversaries, they appeared diminutive, as if mere paper cutouts against the impending storm. Witnessing their enemy’s lack of fear, they marveled at how divine providence had vanquished the dread that once gripped their hearts.

The trio leading their army instilled such terror that the enemy’s ranks quivered, some surreptitiously tearing at their garments, anticipating the imminent clash and the legendary valor of their foes.

King Uhaisu strode confidently at the fore, unwavering in his resolve, his demeanor akin to a charging bull. Flanking him, King Daksurne and the war king exuded an aura of regal authority.

With mere paces separating the two armies, Sarki Daksur’s forces halted, casting wary glances at their adversaries. The settling dust revealed King Daksur locking eyes with King Raihan, while Dabira faced King Uhaisu and the war king.

With a simultaneous grasp of their standards, each warrior felt an electric charge, propelling them towards their foes.

As the opposing armies drew closer, anticipation hung thick in the air. The war king wasted no time, issuing commands for his spear-bearing soldiers to advance.

With a thunderous clash, the adversaries met on the battlefield. King Raihan ordered his forces, numbering over forty thousand, to join the fray against the overwhelming numbers of their opponents.

The ensuing melee was a chaotic symphony of violence, bodies falling like autumn leaves amidst the cries of battle. The Muslims, undeterred, pressed on with grim determination, their adversaries’ ranks collapsing beneath their relentless assault.

The carnage persisted until the sun reached its zenith, leaving behind a field littered with lifeless bodies. Not a soul among the fallen enemy survived. The infidel minds, befuddled by their defeat at the hands of a seemingly outnumbered Muslim force, could only wonder at the divine intervention that had favored their foes.

Witnessing this miracle, King Uhaisu’s spirit burned with indignation. Drawing their swords in unison, King Raihan, Dabira, and Yazila rallied their troops, ushering in a renewed onslaught that shook the very earth beneath them. Amidst the chaos, the inevitability of disaster loomed large, as the clash of armies threatened to rend the very fabric of existence itself, leaving naught but the remnants of human frailty scattered in its wake.

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