The battle between Zuhairu and the sorcerer Bahalu raged on, a clash of magic and physical strength. As they fought, sparks flew, and their weapons clashed like metal meeting metal. The air was filled with the sound of their battle, and the garden itself seemed to respond to their confrontation.

Zuhairu, determined to defeat the sorcerer and protect Buniyatu, swung his sword at Bahalu with all his might. However, Bahalu’s magic was powerful, and he used his magic wand to protect himself. Zuhairu’s sword struck the wand, creating a burst of white smoke and sparks, but Bahalu remained unharmed.

The two adversaries continued to engage in combat, each trying to gain the upper hand. Bahalu’s magic allowed him to evade Zuhairu’s strikes and even pass through the hero’s body unscathed. It was a battle of wits and strength, with neither willing to yield.

Zuhairu cursed Bahalu and unleashed his full strength, determined to defeat the sorcerer once and for all. But Bahalu’s magic wand provided him with protection and allowed him to escape harm. The battle seemed never-ending, as they clashed repeatedly, with Bahalu using his magic to evade Zuhairu’s attacks.

Despite the fierce battle, Zuhairu remained resolute, refusing to give up. He was determined to save Buniyatu and end the threat posed by the sorcerer. The garden witnessed their epic struggle, a clash between a hero’s bravery and a sorcerer’s dark magic.

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