Zuhairu, the renowned hero known for his bravery and fearlessness, often found solace in a beautiful garden filled with fruit trees, flowers, and flowing streams. He was famous for his courage and had a reputation for protecting travelers and defeating invading armies.

Zuhairu had a secret love that he held in his heart, one that he could not easily let go of. He had seen a princess who frequented the same garden with her maids, and from the moment he laid eyes on her, his heart beat with intense hope and longing. However, he knew that the daughter of a king like her would likely only marry a prince or a wealthy man of equal status. Despite this, he continued to visit the garden, hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

One day, as Zuhairu sat under a tree near the garden’s entrance, he heard a voice speaking to him from above. The voice advised him not to give up on his love for the princess and to have faith in the power of love. It reassured him that his feelings were not in vain and encouraged him not to doubt his emotions.

Zuhairu was bewildered by the mysterious voice but listened attentively. He asked the voice to reveal its identity, and it responded kindly, assuring him of its affection for him. Zuhairu looked around but saw no one.

The voice then transformed into a beautiful woman dressed in white, holding a small child and a magical wand. She introduced herself as Buniyatul Hajari bin Kauwas, the daughter of a powerful witch and magic practitioner in the western region of SINAR. She inherited one percent of her father’s magical knowledge, while her brother inherited the remaining ninety-nine percent.

Buniyatul explained that she had been observing Zuhairu for a long time, particularly when he played his soothing flute by the garden. She confessed that she had fallen in love with him, drawn to his intense hope and longing. Buniyatul had come to reveal her feelings and offer her assistance.

Zuhairu, however, expressed his reservations about magic and idol worship, emphasizing the importance of faith in one God. He believed that peace could only be achieved when people repented and turned to God.

Buniyatul smiled seductively and assured him that she had no ill intentions. She explained that her father’s magic was based on figures and symbols, and she had inherited only a small portion of it. She was drawn to Zuhairu’s love and hoped to share her feelings with him.

Their encounter marked the beginning of a unique and unexpected connection between the hero and the witch’s daughter, as they navigated the complexities of love, magic, and destiny.

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