BAKIN KISHI Complete Document Written By Mujahida Matar Malam



Seated in a comfortable chair, a strikingly handsome man exudes an air of relaxation. Beside him rests a small stool, bearing a selection of beverages within a compact box, accompanied by a glass cup. His hands occasionally reach for a slice of lemon, even as his attention remains fixed on the newspaper he holds. Clad in a black t-shirt and matching shorts, he embodies an effortless charm.

His eyes, a hue as pure as milk, defy categorization – not entirely strangers, nor wholly white; a shade that stands uniquely distinct, defying easy classification.

His lips, a soft shade of pink, frame a diminutive mouth akin to the delicate proportions of Antsaga and the precision of a razor’s edge.

Ah, let me regale you with a tale, dear readers. Fret not over trivial matters; they’re inconsequential, vanishing like a fleeting gust of wind. Now, this particular tale is the realm of another envious soul! Should anyone dare to embark, then in the name of God, let Mujaheedah pen the report solely for my eyes…

His eyes gently shut, immersing himself in contemplation, savoring each moment with fervor.

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