BA JININA BACE  Complete Document Written By Hassana Yakasai


“Maryam responded as Halima stood nearby, accusing her of hindering her desires. She asserted that her birth parents were not the ones who brought her into the world, urging the teacher to take action and help them overcome the shame their friends were facing.

Halima, familiar with Maryam’s stubbornness, offered no words, aware that only YAYA MUHAMMAD could sway her determination. Despite concerns about his mischievous behavior, even friends and colleagues were accustomed to it.

Leaving for their house, Halima’s husband’s brothers assisted in gathering necessary belongings. As Nasser approached, inviting Maryam to join, Harara intercepted, insisting she come to her instead.

Harara attempted to bridge the gap, emphasizing the lack of differences between them and condemning those lacking the dignity of the next generation. Kansa, feeling insulted, questioned her sister’s intentions, denying any resemblance to their mother and dismissing the conversation.

Despite efforts to catch his attention, Maryam’s headstrong behavior persisted. When the gate opened, Bros greeted with a dark smile, causing Maryam to cry out for help. Sharing the confrontation with Ammyna, the situation escalated, leading to Maryam’s heated exchange with Nassar.

Maryam’s entrance further fueled the tension, with her mother and Ammyna engaged in a conversation that had been halted due to the Hajj. Maryam’s strict obedience to her partner in Hajj, Lubabatu, prevented her from participating in the pilgrimage to their own place.

Interrupting their discussion, Maryam sought refuge behind her mother. As the tension rose, Muhammad entered, exacerbating the situation. Frustrated, the mother lamented the misfortune brought by Muhammad and expressed regret for not preventing Maryam from associating with him.

Muhammad, unmoved, inflicted physical harm on Maryam, prompting Ranta’s plea for divine intervention. Accusing him of oppression and evil, Ranta implored for the return of the pilgrims to intercede on their behalf, as they faced the wrath of an unyielding force.”

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