AUREN YARJEJENIYA Complete Document Written By Momyn Fareesa


*Rimi Clinic*! A sleek Lexus X750 glided smoothly into the parking lot, followed by two other cars that parked behind it. Each car bore the inscription “AMJ Big Man” on its rear, attracting attention as several individuals emerged, adjusting their attire before proceeding towards the clinic’s entrance. Among them was a notable figure flanked by bodyguards, one of whom held a distinct umbrella, shading the rear window of the car. With polished shoes and a coffee brown belt accentuating his attire, he exuded elegance. 

Abdallah Mohd Jibo, alias Big Man, stepped out confidently, attracting glances from passersby. Known for his commanding presence and wealth, he scanned the surroundings before making his way inside, accompanied by his entourage. As they entered, the security detail ensured his safety, a routine familiar to the residents who recognized him as a prominent figure in the community.

Inside, amidst the bustle, nurses whispered in awe, acknowledging his arrival with admiration. “Masha Allah! Truly, he is a remarkable individual,” one remarked as they watched him proceed towards Room 11, where a special patient awaited.

Meanwhile, a young man named Kamal nervously awaited his turn, pondering the impending encounter with Big Man. As he finally approached the door, his bodyguards signaled his arrival, prompting Kamal to enter. Inside, nurses exchanged glances, impressed by his composure as he greeted them with a polite smile.

Seated by the bedside, Kamal engaged in conversation with his visitor, expressing gratitude for the visitation. After a brief exchange, they turned their attention to medical matters, discussing treatment options and recovery plans. Kamal, with a touch of brown lip color, conveyed his appreciation before the visitor departed.

Exiting the room, Kamal dialed a number on his phone, eager to share the news of the successful meeting. “Hello, brother, the meeting went well,” he reported, relieved by the positive outcome. With a sense of accomplishment, he settled back into his bed, ready to resume his treatment.

Meanwhile, Big Man, having completed his visit, made his way out, acknowledging well-wishers with a wave before departing. As his car pulled away, Kamal couldn’t help but reflect on the significance of the encounter, grateful for the support and reassurance it provided.

In the following days, Kamal continued his treatment with renewed determination, buoyed by the encouragement he received. And as he looked ahead, he knew that with perseverance and faith, he would overcome any challenge that came his way.

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