Lekki is a tranquil neighborhood, sparsely populated and far removed from the hustle and bustle of crowded areas. Its serene ambiance is complemented by the refreshing proximity to the sea, making it an attractive location for the elite, senior professionals, and affluent individuals. However, it also draws the attention of some internet fraudsters, known as yahoo boys, due to its allure.

Within this quiet enclave lies the Plasnuw Rows Family Estate, where harmonious living and unity prevail. It’s a place where joy and mutual understanding thrive among the family members, forming a close-knit and loving community.

Among the notable figures in the estate is Alhaji Muhammed Bello Khaliyal, a Lagos-born man originally from Khaliyal in Kebbi State. He is a well-known wealthy individual who rose to prominence during an era when the world was a very different place. Late Muhammed Bello had a distinguished military career and played a significant role in the country’s history. He held several important positions during his lifetime and left behind substantial wealth, as well as a legacy of children and grandchildren. The family, in general, is not financially deprived, as they inherited considerable wealth from their father.

Before his passing, Alhaji Muhammed Bello Khaliyal took it upon himself to improve the lives of his younger siblings. He gathered them together and they all resided in the estate. He had four wives, and from these unions, there were five sons and five daughters. Hajiya, one of his wives, gave birth to eight children, consisting of five boys and three girls. Hajiya Fatima, affectionately known as Hjy Shuwa, had eight children as well, comprising seven girls and one boy.

The estate is equipped with various amenities, including an Islamic school, football field, gymnasium, swimming pool, library, and a small hall furnished with chairs and cloths. This hall serves as a gathering place for the family’s friendly meetings, held at the end of each month.

The family’s strong bonds were nurtured over the years, with men and women choosing their partners from within the family. Marriages were celebrated within the estate, and families grew old together. After Alhaji Muhammed Bello Khaliyal’s retirement, his sons and nephews took over the management of the estate, ensuring its continued upkeep.

Following the late Bello’s passing, his estate was divided among his heirs, and Aliyu, one of his sons, focused on expanding his wealth. His unquenchable thirst for financial success led him to acquire numerous businesses in Lagos and southern Nigeria, including petrol stations. He became the owner of Aliyu Airlines and invested in various international companies. Additionally, he owned properties in Abuja and other cities. Aliyu’s relentless pursuit of wealth delayed his decision to start a family, as he dreamed of marrying a woman of exceptional beauty and knowledge.

It was during his pursuit of wealth that Aliyu met Fadila in India. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he was captivated. However, Farida’s parents initially opposed the union, considering him a stranger and a questionable character. It took considerable effort and persuasion for them to grant their consent to the marriage. Even upon his return to Nigeria, Aliyu did not pressure anyone to join his family.

Fadila quickly embraced her role as a loving woman who adored both people and children. She became particularly close to Tashaku, Sulaiman, and Mahamud, who were Aliyu’s aunt’s children. The bond between them was so strong that they regarded her as their own mother, affectionately calling her “ummi.” Fadila’s generosity and kindness endeared her to the entire family, cementing her place as a beloved member of their household.

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