AUREN SHEHU BOOK 2 Complete Document Written By Khadija Sidi


Nan Kawu Iliya brought Usman and Bello back without attempting to harm them, he was accompanied by a group of armed men who took Usman’s side against Rugar Shehu. They arrived about thirty minutes before the arrival of their mother-in-law, Usman immediately realized that her presence meant trouble. As other residents of Ruga arrived and surrounded him, they seemed hostile, but he managed to calm them down and convinced them to join him inside Rugar Shehu’s compound.

Soon after, news of Usman’s arrival spread like wildfire in Rugar Shehu’s household, and Baffa Mudi’s attention was caught. Suspiciously, he came to see if it was indeed Usman, as he had not expected him to be bold enough to challenge his authority in Rugar Shehu’s absence, especially after the recent altercation that had occurred. However, Usman assured him that he intended to overthrow Rugar Shehu’s rule and take over leadership, knowing that the people of Rugar were dissatisfied with his governance.

During the wedding ceremony, they paired men and women, children and elders, the marriable and the married, as well as travelers and locals, in such a way that both groups were equally represented. Usman’s presence was particularly conspicuous, and his demeanor exuded confidence and determination, despite the tension surrounding his relationship with his wife. Despite Baffa’s attempts to cause discord, Usman remained steadfast, his mind focused on the task ahead and his resolve unwavering.

“Son of Shehu, the time has come. Shehu left, Shehu returned!”

Baffa Mudi listened intently, his face betraying a mix of curiosity and concern, as Usman outlined his plans for the future. However, Usman’s attention was solely on his wife, whose heart was filled with doubt and hesitation as she pondered how to support her husband’s ambitious quest for power. Although she was reluctant to betray Baffa Mudi’s trust, she eventually confided in him about her concerns, thus becoming Usman’s first ally in his quest to challenge Rugar Shehu’s authority.

They then retreated to discuss the details of Baffa Mudi’s allegiance to them, as well as the strategies they would employ to gain support from the people. Tanko, the chief strategist, was tasked with mobilizing the city’s residents and gathering resources before launching their campaign. Meanwhile, Usman familiarized himself with Baffa Mudi’s plans and intentions. He realized that they needed to act swiftly and decisively if they were to succeed in overthrowing Rugar Shehu’s reign and restoring peace and justice to the land.

In the midst of their preparations, Usman extended his greetings and gratitude to his supporters, assuring them of his commitment to their cause. Then, with Baffa’s blessing, he ventured forth to confront his destiny, knowing that the road ahead would be fraught with challenges and dangers. However, he was determined to persevere and emerge victorious, guided by his unwavering faith in Allah’s providence.

Once they were ready, Usman made his way to the home of his mother-in-law, confident that Baffa Mudi had taken care of the arrangements necessary for his success. However, he was also aware that their journey would not be easy and that they would face numerous obstacles along the way. Nevertheless, he remained undaunted, his spirit unbroken, as he faced the daunting task of confronting Rugar Shehu and reclaiming what was rightfully his.

In the end, Baffa Mudi reluctantly accepted Usman’s challenge, realizing that his rule was coming to an end and that he had no choice but to submit to the will of the people. As Usman prepared to embark on his journey, Baffa’s thoughts turned to the uncertain future that lay ahead, knowing that his fate was intertwined with that of his rival, Tanko, who would soon rise to power in Rugar Shehu’s absence. Nonetheless, he remained hopeful, trusting in Allah’s wisdom and guidance to lead him through the trials and tribulations that lay ahead.

And so, the stage was set for the final showdown between Usman and Rugar Shehu, as the fate of the kingdom hung in the balance.

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