Auren Sadaka (Marriage of Free) is a Hausa novel written by Safiyya Mukhtar Garba that tells the story of Amina, a young woman who struggles to assert her independence and identity in a patriarchal society. The novel explores themes of love, family, tradition, and the search for personal freedom.

The novel is well-written and engaging, with vivid descriptions of the characters and settings. The author’s writing style is descriptive, and she does an excellent job of capturing the complexities of human relationships and the challenges faced by women in a conservative society.

One of the strengths of the novel is the character development. Amina, the protagonist, is a strong and determined woman who challenges the traditional gender roles imposed upon her. She is a relatable character that many readers will root for as she faces obstacles in her quest for freedom.

The plot of the novel is well-paced and keeps the reader engaged throughout. There are several unexpected twists and turns that keep the story interesting, and the resolution is satisfying.

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