She walked along the street, her arms cradling a stack of books. The Alkausarce emblem on her uniform identified her as a student. As she strolled, a car horn startled her, causing a commotion as concerned bystanders gathered around her.

Slowly, she opened the car door and emerged, a little shaken by the encounter. Her appearance showed signs of fatigue, and she seemed a bit disoriented. She stood up and straightened herself, intending to continue her journey. However, she and a concerned young man locked eyes, rendering him momentarily speechless. The crowd dispersed, leaving the two of them alone.

Without hesitation, he offered to take her home, noticing her dizziness. He mentioned that he worked as a doctor, reassuring her that he could provide assistance. She mustered a faint smile, which only enhanced her beauty, and replied, “Don’t worry, it’s alright. I’ll make it home on my own. Thank you, though.”

She continued her walk, her feet echoing through the halls of their modest house. Inside, she found her mother busy with household chores. Rahima called out, “Ummah, are you awake?” Her mother responded affirmatively, greeting her with a “good morning.” However, she knew her daughter well and instructed her to disrobe and rest. Rahima, aware that her mother could see through her, followed her instructions and left the room.

As she got up, her younger brother came over to greet her, relaying a message from someone who had inquired about her. Her mother went to pray, leaving Rahima to examine her own state. She contemplated the recent events that had left her bewildered and confused.

Later, when her brother lifted the curtains to her room, Rahima pretended to be asleep. Her brother stepped outside to attend to a call, and that’s when Malik, the young man from earlier, arrived. He approached her room, extended his hand in greeting, and they exchanged pleasantries.

Her mother explained the situation to Malik, who inquired about Rahima’s whereabouts. Rahima listened to their conversation, silently playing with her fingers. She raised her head briefly to acknowledge Malik but quickly returned to her thoughts, seeming lost.

When it was time to leave for the hospital, they chatted in the car, except for Rahima, who remained silent in the backseat, preoccupied with her thoughts. She absentmindedly played with her fingers, unaware of the passing time. Her head remained lowered, and she was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice when they arrived at their destination.

Her mother and brother exited the car, leaving Rahima behind. Malik stayed behind and gently called her name. She didn’t respond, and her gaze remained fixed downward. Malik expressed concern, mentioning her elevated blood pressure and urging her to share her worries. He asked her what was bothering her heart, preventing her from eating and causing her blood pressure to rise. 

Tears welled up in Rahima’s eyes, and she finally began to cry. Her mother interjected, advising her to embrace the destiny that God had laid out for her. She reminded Rahima that being a Muslim meant accepting God’s will, no matter the form it took. Her mother reassured her that the academic journey would come when the time was right and implored her to be patient in her heart. They were there for her, ready to support her through whatever challenges lay ahead.

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