AUREN DOLE Complete Document Written By Nabeela Dikko


In the state of Kebbi, there exists a modest government agency named Argungu. This bustling city is teeming with people, including high-ranking intellectuals, both men and women, who are employed in various government roles. The town is richly blessed by God, evident in its abundant streams filled with fish. The inhabitants, largely of Kabawa, Lekayawa, Fulani, Zabarmawa, engage in occupations such as farming, rice cultivation, vegetable cultivation, and other consumer goods production, preserving their traditional way of life. Argungu is home to the Asali tribes who migrated to Nigeria, having made significant progress and marking the end of each year with a Fishing Festival. However, historical records mention the intrusion of the Hausas into its territory. Mallam Aminu’s residence is situated in the third-line neighborhood, east of Sheik Bashir mosque.

Mallam Aminu, a distinguished figure, is known for his tall stature, courage, and pride. He hails from a lineage of educators in the town and has served as the principal teacher in Kebbi state and its environs. Blessed with extensive knowledge, he imparts religious education to many. His wife, equally impressive, possesses religious wisdom, honesty, and a profound understanding of humanity. Together, they have three children—Muhammad Yaseer, Yaseera, and the younger Abdul Raheem, who are all well-versed in the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and exhibit discipline.

In their household, the day begins with the family reading and discussing religious texts, followed by prayers for everyone’s well-being. Mallam Aminu encourages his children to express their opinions and needs during these sessions.

One day, Abdul addresses Mallam, expressing his desire to pursue Islamic medicine at Danfodio University in Sokoto after completing high school. Mallam Aminu, pleased with Abdul’s aspirations, extends his hand in agreement and invokes God’s blessings on his journey. The family engages in discussions and prayers, with Yaseera playfully asking about her future, and Abdul revealing his educational ambitions.

As Abdul takes on household chores, cleaning and washing cars, he contemplates his future. Meanwhile, Mallam Aminu shares with his wife, Umma, his intention to inform Yaseera about the husband he has chosen for her on Friday night. Umma, supportive but urging haste, agrees with the plan. The conversation concludes with Mallam Aminu expressing pride in the prospect of Najibullah becoming their son-in-law. Umma heads indoors to attend to her duties as Mallam Aminu prepares to leave.

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