AURAN BABBAN MUTUM  Complete Document Written By Ummee Mukhtar


The parents loomed over her as if they were about to devour her, fueled by their dissatisfaction with the money. They exclaimed, “Yes, by God, what happened to Alhaj Sa’id that you claim you don’t love him? The husband every woman would desire for his looks and wealth!” The son chimed in, “Just around the time of your father’s death, don’t you recognize him?”

Her father swiftly dismissed her claims, accusing her of talking nonsense and wandering around with it. They insisted that she must marry him the next day, even if it meant swallowing her pride and complying with their wishes.

Larai, a family member, perceived the situation differently, recognizing that the girl was a hidden blessing from God. She pointed out the material gifts the man had brought, such as a house and a car, as well as shops for her father. However, Zarah, despite these gifts, felt the weight of her strict parents’ disapproval.

Zarah, throwing herself onto the bed, cried, and her parents attempted to console her by highlighting the material gains. She wiped away her tears, revealing a face reddened by crying.

Mr. Hadi, trying to calm her, whispered, “Oh, my daughter, speak truthfully and stand firm. We asked you to bring the person you desire to the room. If you call him, he won’t come.”

Zarah nodded and managed a weak smile, suggesting they reconsider and look for alternatives. Larai offered support, patting her shoulders, and said, “Come on, my daughter, we’ve seen a world you haven’t. Be happy.” They hugged her, giving their blessings, while she continued to cry.

In her room, Zarah lay down, clutching her stomach, with red eyes and a pounding headache. She dialed a number on her iPhone 7, crying as she spoke to Aysha, pouring out her heart.

Aysha tried to comfort her, suggesting not to worry until she arrived. In just 10 minutes, Aysha and others reached the house. Larai, sitting and sipping chicken soup in the courtyard, was awakened by the commotion.

Aysha was surprised by the transformation in Zarah’s family dynamics since their daughter’s arrival, their concerns shifting to financial matters.

Zarah’s family, looking at her oddly, stated, “By God, we can’t afford for Zarah to marry and separate from this wealthy man. It would make us poor.”

Aysha entered quickly, and Zarah ran to hug her, crying. Zarah’s family expressed their concern about marrying her off, emphasizing financial implications.

Zarah, in Aysha’s embrace, sobbed, questioning her worth and why she was being treated this way. Aysha consoled her, explaining that God has a plan and this might be a blessing in disguise.

Zarah continued to express her dismay about the impending marriage, insisting she had no choice in the matter.

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