Three cars were driving along the GIREI local government road: a Prado in the front, a 406 in the middle, and a Benz at the end. In the distance, an elderly man lay on the street, rolling. A young woman carrying a bowl of food and cold water was standing nearby, her eyes fixed on the old man.

She quickly placed the food down and greeted the old man with a prayer. She asked him how long he had been lying there, but he didn’t seem to respond or notice the approaching cars. She decided to try and stop the vehicles, waving her arms in an attempt to get their attention.

The cars showed no intention of stopping, and the situation became dire as the old man remained in the middle of the road, seemingly unnoticed by the drivers. The young woman took matters into her own hands. She bravely approached the 406 and tapped on the front and rear windows. The occupants of the car, however, appeared indifferent to her pleas.

Desperate to help the old man, she moved to the Prado, knocking on the car’s windows. The back window opened, revealing a young man wearing a white suit who had just awakened from a nap. The young woman anxiously explained the situation, urging him to assist the old man.

To her surprise, he got out of the car without saying a word. He gestured for her to lead the way, and she did. Together, they reached the old man, and the young woman instructed them to move him to the side of the road.

The young man noticed that the old man was suffering from epilepsy, which explained his condition. He went back to his 406 to retrieve inhaler medication and returned to help the old man. They successfully moved the old man to safety, and the young woman thanked the young man for his assistance.

The young man, who wore a white suit and had a calm demeanor, asked the old man for his name and offered blessings. He then returned to his car and drove away.

The young woman, meanwhile, approached the Prado and tapped on the glass to get the driver’s attention. The driver lowered the window, and she thanked him for his help. The young man in the white suit, who had been watching the entire scene, removed his glasses and asked why she had helped the old man.

She explained that she helped him because he needed assistance, and she thanked God for guiding her to do so. She identified herself as a Muslim and mentioned the importance of helping others. The young man seemed surprised by her response, and she continued to express her gratitude.

The young man was moved by her words and offered her a reward. However, the young woman suggested that he use the opportunity to help three people in the future and encourage them to do the same, explaining that this would contribute to the progress of their country. She left after sharing her thoughts.

The young man was deeply affected by her words and instructed his driver to continue driving. As they passed by the young woman, who was now accompanied by a group of people, the young man couldn’t help but reflect on the encounter and the importance of helping others.

Later, while shopping, the young man witnessed three people chasing after a girl who was crying for help. He instructed his driver to stop, and he quickly got out of the car in his white suit and glasses. He intervened and protected the girl from her assailants, reprimanding them for their behavior.

He emphasized the importance of compassion and warned them to change their ways. Afterward, he joined the girl and asked her to accompany him home. She agreed happily, and they left together.

Back in his car, the young man took a moment to drink cold water and tidy up. He put on his suit and glasses, and the driver continued the journey.

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