“Quickly, gather your belongings, your brother is waiting for us. Let’s head out. Well, let’s have a good evening! I’m going to see my mother!” Nazia responded as she hurriedly collected her things, holding a small piece of clothing and a small bag. Her mother glanced at her with a look of disapproval. “You’re always in a rush every time you go out. You’re all ready to go since I’ve already prepared you,” her mother remarked.

Nazia chuckled and added, “By the way, Mom, I might have packed too many clothes. I couldn’t decide what to wear earlier.”

Her mother sighed and replied, “You’re indecisive, just like always, despite my advice. Remember to tone it down a bit, Nazia. Anyone who sees you at home would hardly recognize you. The way you frown, it’s as if you’ve never smiled in your life.”

Nazia came out of her room with a smile and said, “I’ll try to be more cheerful, Mom.” She playfully teased her brother, saying, “You’re blessed, you know.”

Her mother interjected, “If only you’d let us leave without all this fuss. I told everyone we’re heading back to the city, but you’re more stubborn than anyone else.”

Nazia’s brother remained silent, suppressing a smile. He urged her to be patient, saying, “Alright, the car is ready. Let’s go. But there’s one thing I haven’t finished yet.”

Her parents exchanged surprised glances, and her mother asked, “What’s left, Nazia? Haven’t you finished everything?”

Nazia chuckled mischievously, “Oh, Mom, I finished everything, but there’s one place left to visit.”

“Are you my husband?” she said as she approached M. Jabo. However, he decided to visit their house in the city to bid them farewell. Her mother prayed and clapped her hands, saying, “You didn’t say goodbye to them!”

Her younger brother chuckled and said, “But we’re in a hurry, Mom.”

Her mother insisted, “You should have gone to see them off properly, dear.”

Nazia’s brother added, “And hold a conversation with Sameer if he’s there.”

Nazia said they would pass by and inquire about them. Her mother blessed her and handed her some money, warning about water on the road. Nazia accepted the money and thanked her.

“Are you my husband?” she repeated as she climbed up to M. Jabo. When she arrived home, she found their house locked, and the car was gone. She panicked and began to cry, sitting by the door. She couldn’t believe they had left her behind. She cried for a while, then suddenly felt a slap on her face.

Her father, who rarely showed affection even when she was in pain, was bending over her. She looked up at him in shock as he scolded her, “By God, if you don’t wake up, we’ll leave without you. I won’t leave you here!”

Frightened and in tears, she pleaded with them to leave her alone, but they spent the night waiting in front of their house. When Nazia finally saw the car the next morning, she couldn’t contain her emotions and rushed toward it. Her father, still angry, got in the car and signaled for her to enter.

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