ASAD The Arrogant Lion  Complete Document Written By Khadijat Sani Gana


You imbecile! What am I even paying you for, basic calculations? You can’t handle it…

I apologize, sir.

Don’t you dare finish that sentence. You know what! You better be out of my office before I get there. He didn’t even wait; he called someone while muttering about fools and why he’s paying them.

Ring, ring…

Hello, sir…

Good morning, sir…

Miss Abbas, what’s good about this money… sorry, sir. What are my schedules for the day?

Sir, you have a meeting with the board of directors from 8:30 to 10, and then a lunch date.

Okay, with Zeema, right?

No, sir, it’s with Bilkis.

Who is Bilkis again?

Sir, the lady you met during the business trip to Abuja, the one with the sloped shape.

Yes, sir.

Miss Abbas, cancel it and reschedule with Zeema.

But, sir, Miss Bilkis has been calling for over a week just to see you.

Ayat, did you just argue with me? No, sir, sorry, sir. I was just making you realize…

I pay you, right? Yes, sir, you do.

And, Miss Abbas, I am fully aware that I pay you more than my other staff, so don’t you dare argue with me again.

Yes, sir, I am sorry.

You better be.

Are you already in the office? Yes, sir, I am. But, sir…

He immediately cut the call, not allowing her to finish what she wanted to say.

5 minutes later…

As soon as his car entered the company premises, everyone started bustling, and people working sluggishly began running.

Fools… incompetent fools.

The moment Asad dashed out of the office, Ayat was waiting outside. She collected his laptop bag and phones, saying, “Good morning, sir.” Ayat, how many times do you want to greet me? It’s not as if you have a sweet voice.

Oh, my! Asad turned and looked at her. Don’t tell me I just said that. Gross!

Ayat, don’t be so uptight. He teased her as she followed him into the office.

Even before he stepped inside, he took out a handkerchief, placed it on Mr. Josh’s desk, and remarked, “Well done, Mr. Josh. Today, you’re not looking dirty.”

Thank you, sir.

Asad then proceeded to the next office. When Tina saw him, she got up and started pushing her chest out, saying, “Good morning, sir.” Asad stood there, looked her up and down, and said, “Surprise me.” The rest of the staff didn’t seem surprised.

“Miss Tina, stand properly and adjust those cleavages. They’re not attractive. And don’t try this nonsense again. I promise you, you’ll be fired. Understand?” Asad said with a serious tone.

Yes, sir. Tina replied with a shaky voice.

Sir, it’s almost time for the meeting. Well, well, Miss Abbas, you always manage to save the day. Shall we? Asad gestured towards his office.

Ayat was behind him, holding his stuff and placing them where they were supposed to be.

AYAT! Asad called out. Ayat was startled and turned immediately. Yes, sir.

Why is my pen kept 10 inches away from my notepad? I told you 5 inches. Ayat, are you tired of working for me? If you can’t handle it, I can easily replace you. I hate incompetence.

Ayat quickly adjusted the pen to be 5 inches away from the notepad. Sorry, sir. It will not happen again. I promise.

Now, let’s go to the meeting. I’ll be there now.

Yes, sir.

Ayat, get out.

God, I don’t know why I’m still putting up with this man.

Back in the meeting room, Asad addressed his staff, making it clear that anyone incapable of their job should resign before he fires them all. Usman, the accountant, was especially warned to fix the figures. Asad emphasized that he had been working hard for the money and warned of severe consequences if anyone was cheating.

Ayat was about to open the door when Asad stood up, saying, “Don’t think just because you’re my assistant, you can charge at me like that. You’re a nobody. Understand?” Yes, sir. I’m sorry. It will not happen again.

Asad instructed Ayat to call Zeena and arrange a meeting at the hotel. He also ordered the cancellation of all his other meetings, declaring that he was going out.

Yes, sir.

Ayat, why are you still here? Go!

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