AMRATU  Complete Document Written By Khadija and Fatima


She rushed over and playfully slapped my mother, who was seated in the washroom. I apologized, but she just laughed, saying, “You’re exhausted, and you know how to deceive me, Mom.” Then, teasingly, she commented on her own weight. Meanwhile, Aliyu, on the other side, was eating and jokingly threw a playful remark her way, “You’re really rough on this girl. Even though she’s in SS3, she won’t stop teasing you about your thighs not being high enough.”

“Go get my food,” she instructed me, giving me a peck on the cheek. While I was responding, she noticed something in my hand. Swiftly, my wife vacated my mother’s seat, saying, “Turn around again.” She then retreated behind my mom, scolding Aliyu. “Mami, I want you to follow me; you’re a girl. No writing, no stealing. I’m not okay working with my sister, no matter how tough it is.”

As Kanwis was being prepared for us, she inquired about my whereabouts, playfully remarking, “He’s your man, huh? Do you think today is the day he’ll finally laugh at me?” She chuckled and revealed a surprise she had brought, introducing Yaya Sulaiman and Yandaria. Amid their banter, Suhailat interjected, “Hey, Mom, what’s going on? Yaya Aliyu is risking his life for us.” To which my mother responded, “Jaira is not your brother,” leaving Amra laughing as she fled the kitchen.

Amra skipped school on Monday and went to town. Wrapped in a blanket, she stayed in bed. When my mother checked on her, Amra claimed she wasn’t feeling well, placing her hand on her forehead to emphasize the pain. She insisted on staying home, attributing her behavior to a conversation with Ali’s brother.

Apologizing for being in a hurry, my brother checked his watch, pulled out six thousand kiba from his pocket, and apologized for the taxi being late. My mother reassured him, “You can go; I’m sorry,” and they left the house.

Outside, my brother handed money to my mother, assuring her, “Oh, Amra, did you wake up? Alifa is waiting to see how you are.” My mother urged Amra to stand up, and they headed outside. Amra’s demeanor shifted when she realized there was no one with her.

Concerned neighbors sent medicine, and Sulaiman Yashigo handed the phone to the midwife. Amra spoke to her father about her health, assuring him that she followed the prescribed routine. Later, Ali sat nearby, listening to their conversation, uncomfortable with the situation.

The next morning, my mother urged Amra to pray and take her medicine. She was tired and encouraged Amra to get up and break her fast. Apologizing for waking me up, she left to find Amra.

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