ALAKALAMIN KADDARA PART 1 Complete Document Written By Lubna Yusuf


“I used to think that every mother tried to keep my mind like this, but later I realized I was the only unlucky one. I used to wish to go to bed and wake up in a different house, until I realized that destiny’s writing cannot be changed. In a way, today your dream has come true… in a way, you are on your own and you have succeeded in breaking your dream…”

Tasneem’s voice was hoarse, choked by the imminent cry that was about to escape her.

“Between today and tomorrow, if my marriage ends… If his death doesn’t happen tonight until tomorrow morning, his fate will be sealed. Abba will not forgive you, Umma, just as I will not forgive you…”


Bara’atu began to speak, her entire body trembling. Tasneem shook her head, tears streaming down her face.

“I don’t want to hear anything… when I have been waiting to hear your words or your explanation, it goes beyond the community. I will not ask anything from you about them, Hamna… I will remind you that we are all Amana in your eyes… If you do not look to God, I don’t know why my words will change anything…”

As she finished speaking, she covered her face with the veil she had put on when she was brought out of the room, hiding her tears. Unable to stay still due to the pain in her chest that persisted for about two months, Tasneem’s cough became uncontrollable. When Bara’atu approached, she rose quickly, unintentionally lifting the veil covering her face.

Seeing Tasneem’s blood-covered hands, Bara’atu exclaimed, “Tasneem, you’re covered in blood…”

Tasneem tried to move towards the door, but Bara’atu attempted to stop her. Despite the fire-like pain in her chest and the difficulty in breathing, she continued her desperate journey.


Regardless of the fear that gripped every part of her body, especially her heart pounding in her ears, she gazed at him with trepidation. As he approached the door, he locked away any emotions that might surface, his expression blank, eyes lowered.

“I have never been through anything bigger than Nisha. I don’t know what I did to let go of my heart. I don’t trust you…”

Hanu Fadila placed her hand on her stomach, writhing with new excitement. She wanted to apologize, but her mouth felt locked, and the weight of everything pressing on her prevented her from swallowing or speaking. She attempted to speak three times, but nothing came out. Taking a breath through her mouth, she exhaled with difficulty.


She called his name with doubt and numerous questions, her voice low, unable to believe he stood before her. Her heart refused to accept what her ears heard. Nawfal couldn’t do this to her—his heart could see that much. Angry, she retreated inside, finding a way to sit.

Seeing her expression, Nawfal seized her hand, pulling her along. Surprised, she resisted, but eventually followed him to the door, where she looked over the wall, feeling nothing to prevent her from falling.

“Whatever you think is between us has become history today!!!”

She could only see his mouth moving, her ears ceased hearing the rest of his words. The tension and his initial words had frozen everything for her. Believing him was a colossal mistake, and she suppressed it…!!


Tariq attempted to grasp Ashfaq’s hand, turning to look at the house, warm tears streaming down his face. Ashfaq released his hand and faced him.

“We have no reason to turn back, Tariq. There’s nothing left for us; everything is over. It’s just me and you…”

“Where do we start? Where do we go? Why is life so difficult?”

Tariq’s tears flowed anew, and witnessing them cut Ashfaq’s heart with indescribable pain. Tariq covered his face with both hands, and within his heart, he began to hear the words of fate, uttering them.

“I don’t know either… nothing is certain. I just want to remind you about the uncertainty of life, Tariq. Don’t find your solace in it. The heart beating in my chest is not guaranteed to reach you later. One thing I know at this stage, with every breath I take from now to the last, I will ensure that, no matter how you navigate life, there is ease in it… I will ensure that your tears have flowed down many cheeks of life. Do you hear me? You don’t need anyone to be here…”

Tariq looked into Ashfaq’s eyes, seeing the truth of his promise, seeing the writing of their destiny in a language he could understand…!

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