AL HUBB Complete Document Written By Aisha B Naseer



It was another bright Saturday, even though it wasn’t a weekend for her, as Saturdays were workdays. Despite enjoying her work, she couldn’t help but miss living in a more pleasant house where people appreciated her efforts. She only had one more week left here.

After finishing her morning prayer, she removed her hijab and stood up from the prayer mat, contemplating her needs. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Slowly, she prepared for the day, spending about 30 minutes getting ready. As she left her room, memories of the past flooded her mind.

She got into the waiting car, and the driver took her to work. She reminisced about her university days and how she had come to As_siddique’s house in Abuja for her service. Despite the confusion of her posting, she had stayed there as advised by Anty Siyama.

Arriving at the mall, she started her work in the food complex. She was particular about the dishes they offered, ensuring that only the best was served. She loved cooking, and it ran in her blood.

After a meeting, they decided to close the restaurant temporarily to train the cooks. Zainab took charge and taught them everything, preparing for the restaurant’s reopening.

One day, the owners of the house, As_siddique and his wife, returned from a trip. Zainab admired their perfect couple and imagined how cute their kids would be. As they entered the house, she felt overwhelmed, as this was the billionaire’s heir, As_siddique, and her husband. She couldn’t find the words to express her emotions.

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