AKAN SO Complete Document Written By Lubna Sufyan


As her mind was absorbed in thoughts, she lay down, watching NTA, her favorite program that MTN was doing to touch people’s lives. The show was now hosted by the popular girl “Yusra Fari,” who announced they received a letter that deeply touched them.

Her mind cleared as she mixed her coffee, and she turned her attention to the TV while holding a spoon. The letter they received was read on air:


*You are my father!!!*

The letter revealed the heartbreaking plea of a child named Nana. Nana expressed that she didn’t know much about her father, Moh, who was a football player, and known for his car stunt games. Nana, at just twelve years old, revealed that she is terminally ill and wishes her father to come back and be with her before she passes away. She believed her mother would never be truly happy until her father, Moh, returns.

After reading the letter, Sofi, the woman watching the program, was overwhelmed with emotions. She accidentally dropped her coffee mug, which shattered in the kitchen. Panicking, she called out to Nana, who appeared to be in distress.

Sofi’s legs felt weak, and she leaned against the kitchen locker to catch her breath. She expressed her worry and questioned what Nana had done. Nana, dressed in a beautiful outfit, seemed unaffected and wanted to do something important.

Nana confessed that she had tried to find her father, Moh, since she was two months old but was unsuccessful. She felt tired and was losing hope. Sofi tried to reassure Nana that they didn’t need to find him, but Nana insisted, expressing her desire to see her father at least once before she passed away.

Despite her own emotional turmoil, Sofi managed to smile and urged Nana to get dressed and go to bed. Nana, however, shared her experience of going to a radio station to seek help and deliver the letter, but they were denied access to the show. A compassionate man helped Nana get the letter through.

Tears welled up in Sofi’s eyes as she heard Nana’s words and remembered Moh’s voice, realizing the pain he caused. She decided to call Ansar to check on Sofi’s wellbeing. When Ansar asked about Sofi, she assured him that she was fine, but her heartache was evident. Nana was safe in her room.

Sofi recounted Nana’s determination, and Ansar worried about the risks she was taking. But he was hopeful that they would find Moh, and everything would work out.

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