The journey began on a day when the town of Shiyake was enveloped in darkness, with no sign of light anywhere. She is not in her right senses, she only travels without knowing where she’s going.


Her hands trembled as she felt the winds that pierced her skin, wishing desperately that all of this was just a dream. She continued her journey alone, without any direction in mind. She only knew that she needed to leave.


Upon reaching the door of a house, she paused, knowing she couldn’t continue her journey due to the exhaustion from the endless walking and the lack of food since breakfast. The town was desolate, with only the sound of distant footsteps echoing at 11:00 in the morning.


Finding refuge, she sat down at the doorstep, leaning against the doorframe. She continued to clutch her stomach as hunger gnawed at her insides, feeling weak and unable to muster the strength to enter and seek shelter. She felt as if her body no longer belonged to her, unable to discern reality from the delirium that engulfed her.


Her stomach growled loudly, urging her to find food, but the fear of facing the town’s judgment kept her rooted in place. She sat there, feeling the pain of hunger and the shame of her circumstances.


As evening approached, she rented a prayer mat at the nearby mosque, seeking solace in the familiar ritual. She closed her eyes in prayer, trying to drown out the voices of doubt in her mind. But even in the midst of her devotion, she couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched, every movement scrutinized by unseen eyes. She felt a wave of relief when she finally rose from her prayers, hoping for respite from her troubles.


After the evening prayer, she made her way back home, her steps heavy with exhaustion. Upon arrival, she found her father waiting for her, his expression a mix of concern and disappointment. “Who is this girl?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. She hesitated before responding, her mind racing with excuses and explanations. “It’s no one, just a passerby,” she finally replied, hoping to deflect his questions.


Her father sighed, clearly unconvinced. “What’s gotten into you, sitting there like a statue? You’re not yourself,” he said, his tone softening with concern. She swallowed hard, unable to meet his gaze as guilt washed over her. “I was just…lost in thought,” she murmured, avoiding the truth of her struggles.


Her father reached out to her, his touch a comforting presence amidst the turmoil of her emotions. “Let’s go inside, it’s late,” he said gently, leading her back into the house. She followed him obediently, grateful for the refuge of home and the chance to escape the harsh realities of the outside world.


In Abuja, Nigeria, he paced back and forth in his office, his mind consumed by worry. He dialed a number on his phone, one of the few contacts in his security team. “Morning, sir,” a voice greeted him on the other end. He wasted no time in getting to the point. “Where is she?” he demanded, his tone sharp with urgency.


The security guard hesitated before responding, “We’ve tried our best, sir, but we still haven’t been able to locate her.” His heart sank at the news, a mix of frustration and fear coursing through him. “What do you mean you can’t find her? She has no one but me. I want you to search every inch of Abuja until you find her,” he commanded, his voice trembling with emotion.


He ended the call abruptly, his mind racing with worry. He needed to find her, to bring her back home where she belonged. With determination in his heart, he stepped out of his office and into the waiting car, ready to embark on the search for his lost love, Noor.

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