The school was abuzz with various activities, some students were engrossed in their studies while others were engaged in conversations with their partners or friends. Suddenly, the arrival of a black car drew the attention of most of the students, including Safna Tasaki.

As the car parked near a Dalbejiya tree, Safna’s gaze fixated on it. A man elegantly stepped out of the car, catching everyone’s attention. Safna’s emotions overwhelmed her as she greeted the man, but her mother Zeenat, preoccupied with a phone call, seemed unaware of the commotion.

Witnessing Safna’s teary excitement, Zeenat also rose to greet the man, who appeared to be in his early thirties. Dressed in a modern white outfit, his striking appearance and charming demeanor left a lasting impression. As Safna’s attention turned to the man, she noticed a little girl, no older than six years old, by his side. The child, clad in a long red dress with a red and white ribbon, looked up at him with adoration.

They exchanged a few words, and the man led the girl towards Uncle Hamza’s office, a lecturer at the school. Safna and her friend Zeenat then visited Uncle Hamza, but the man remained engrossed in his phone. As they conversed with Uncle Hamza, the man, known as Bobo, eventually joined the conversation, sharing his recent visit to Niima’s house.

Amidst laughter and warm exchanges, Safna and Zeenat arrived at Uncle Hamza’s office. Bobo’s presence drew Safna’s attention, leaving her speechless. Uncle Hamza, noticing the interaction, asked about their visit. As Bobo exchanged pleasantries with Uncle Hamza, Safna remained captivated by his presence. With a smile, Uncle Hamza assured them that he was listening.

The visit concluded with Nawal’s playful antics and Bobo’s departure. Safna remained in awe, silently processing the recent events. Uncle Hamza, aware of her fascination, maintained a knowing smile, contemplating her reaction to Bobo’s presence.

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