A SANADIN KUSKURENA Complete Document Written By Zaynerb Muhammad Kabeer


They recline in their spacious apartments adorned with abundant furniture, an aroma pervading the air.

In that setting, Hajiya Luba sat, her petite belly looking charming beneath a graceful dress, complemented by a tie and shirt. Beside her, Alhaji Mansur spoke, “Hajiya,” and she responded tranquilly, “Yes, I am about to take care of it myself.”

With a smile, he expressed, “Truth be told, I harbor few desires in this world, but seeing God bless you with a healthy pregnancy is one. I genuinely hope to witness the birth of a beautiful child, be it a girl or a boy.”

She laughed, nodded, and replied, “O Abban Suhail, your words amuse me. Just say Addu, may God grant me peace. Insha’Allah, a safe delivery awaits me.” He responded with an affirming “Ameen.”

Suddenly, Suhail burst in, exclaiming, “Mommy!” She promptly inquired, “Did Suhail do something?” He grimaced, replying, “Mommy, tell Fahat to stop bothering me and go to bed.” His words scattered with a pout.

In sorrow, she called Fahat, who, upon answering, was summoned. Their father interjected, “Fahat, why the silence? We never stopped you from taking things. Speak up.”

He bowed silently, expressing, “I am sorry.” Harara dismissed him, instructing, “Leave. Give me a ride. Suhail, Insha’Allah, your daddy will buy you another one tomorrow. Men, prepare for madrasah. Also, tell the driver to pick up Husna from school; the time is near.” They acknowledged and departed.

Alhaji Mansur Suleiman’s family, residing peacefully with wealth in Gombe town, consisted of Sulaiman (Suhail), Al-amin, Fahat, Asma, and Husna Tanada. After a five-year hiatus, Hajiya Luba, pregnant once more, received support from her husband, Alhaji Mansur, who decided to expand their family.

Ten days later, Hajiya Luba gave birth to a daughter named Zuwaira, affectionately called Juwairriya. Alhaji Mansur showered her with care, creating a noticeable difference in his affection for her among his children.

Despite the love, tension emerged within the family as Husna grew jealous, feeling neglected. She expressed, “Daddy favors Juwairriya over everyone else.” While some laughter and apologies occurred, the underlying sentiment lingered.

Attempts by Hajiya Luba to communicate this concern to Alhaji Mansur went unheard. She observed the fixation on Juwairriya, wondering if it stemmed from their shared name, a sentiment Alhaji Mansur kept within his heart.

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