A BARI YA HUCE Complete Document Written By Sumayya Abdulkadir


Title: “Let It Cool – Part 1: Life in Gurin-Gawa”

In the quiet village of Gurin-Gawa, nestled in the Fanshekara area of Kano state, a unique blend of tradition and modernity shaped the lives of its people. The village, despite its lack of good roads, drew its strength from the unity of its residents, mostly teachers and farmers, who cherished their shared roots.

Gurin-Gawa had seen progress, thanks to government support in the form of electricity, clean water, and fertilizers that fueled agricultural development. The village, known for producing great teachers, held a historical significance that reverberated through generations.

While the absence of good roads made entering the village a dusty affair, the warmth and vibrancy of Gurin-Gawa welcomed its residents and made it a haven for its tight-knit community. The boys of the village engaged in various activities, from digging water to hawking, contributing to their families and the community.

Malam Bedi, an elder in Gurin-Gawa, represented the village’s farming tradition with his sugarcane and peanut farm. His son, Habibu, initially involved in the walnut business, later pursued a teaching career. However, tensions lingered within the family, and the arrival of Habibu, despite his achievements, did little to alleviate them.

Inna Hure, Malam Bedi’s wife, juggled household responsibilities and had a special place in her heart for her daughter, Mairo, who had brought joy and laughter into their home. Despite Habibu’s achievements in the city, there seemed to be a strained relationship between him and Mairo, adding an air of tension to family gatherings.

As the family sat down for lunch, Inna Hure struggled to contain her emotions. Lele’s daughter, Ta-Ummulen, added a cheerful ambiance to the scene with her playful antics, blissfully unaware of the underlying tensions. Sallamar Habibu, the voice of reason, intervened with humor, attempting to diffuse the mounting tension in the household.

Yet, despite the laughter and banter, a subtle undercurrent of discord lingered, threatening to disrupt the delicate balance within the Dakata family. The clash of city and village life, coupled with unresolved family dynamics, set the stage for unfolding drama in Gurin-Gawa.

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