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TARAYYA Complete Hausa Novel Document by TARAYYA


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TARAYYA Complete Document Written By Mamuh Gee


The narrative describes a kingdom with numerous maids and guards dressed in dark blue uniforms, all following a routine as they go about their duties. The queen, Zaarah, is portrayed as a figure of power, with an ambassador accompanying her. As they approach the royal palace, Zaarah commands the maids to bow in her presence.

Upon entering the palace, they encounter a luxurious parlor adorned in red and gold. Zaarah expresses distress over a message from the sultan, revealing the somber news that the birth of a child has brought more fear than joy. The ambassador offers words of comfort, but Zaarah laments the lack of happiness over the birth due to certain circumstances.

As Zaarah proceeds to deliver the message to the king, she encounters an elderly man, presumably the king, who reacts with a mix of emotions upon hearing the news. The king reveals that the ambassador did not convey the prince's message accurately, resulting in a punishment for Zaarah. She is informed that she won't see the king for a year until after the prince's wife gives birth again.

Zaarah accepts her punishment, displaying a sense of loyalty and duty to the king. Despite her heavy heart, she leaves the king's presence and heads back to her quarters. The narrative introduces Mara, another character who seems distressed by recent events.

Zaarah then enters her private room, emphasizing its exclusivity. The story delves into the intricacies of the kingdom's hierarchy and rules. Ammyn, possibly Zaarah's daughter, enters, expressing a need for a break. Ummu-Rumana, presumably a close confidante, reassures Ammyn and urges her to find peace.

The narrative concludes with Ummu-Rumana dismissing other maids and guards, leaving only those who belong to their part of the servants' quarters. The story provides a glimpse into the complex dynamics of the kingdom, hinting at hidden emotions, relationships, and the challenges faced by its inhabitants.

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