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MAN OF THE WORLD Complete Hausa Novel Document by MAN OF THE WORLD


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THE WORLD MAN Complete Document Written By Real Eeshow



They strolled quietly, engaging in conversation. Eve turned her gaze to Inteesar and expressed her concern, "Inteesar, I believe we should find a hiding spot. I sense a looming danger with the impending storm."

"Where can we take cover now?"

"There's a shed nearby where we could seek refuge until the water recedes. Then we can make our way back home."

"Sounds like a plan."

They eventually found themselves in a tea booth, seeking shelter from the rain that was falling relentlessly, the water cascading down.

After a while, when the rain subsided a bit, they resumed their walk. As they continued, they spotted several black Land Cruiser cars blocking the road ahead. The Roice-Roice maneuvered around them, and the wooden cart found its place amidst the obstacles. Suddenly, water splashed onto them as a speeding car passed, causing Inteesar to react swiftly. She grabbed a nearby stone and hurled it at the vehicle. The sound of shattering glass echoed from the car, prompting Hauwah to ask, "Inteesar, whose car's window did you break?"

In the midst of her own frustration, Inteesar responded, "I couldn't care less whose car it was. They flaunt their wealth but lack the dignity of Adam. They treat us like less than human, talking about what they do to us. They exposed me. I watched them, and in their arrogance, I couldn't stand by. Their lack of respect for others compelled me to break that glass."

The sound of breaking glass tore him away from his daily reading, his attention drawn to the car outside. Looking impressed, he exclaimed at the sight of the young man's audacious act. The driver hurriedly exited the car and returned with respect, reporting, "Oga, a group of boys threw water at her, so she retaliated by throwing the stone. They surrounded her."

With authority in his voice and an air of command, he issued a concise directive, "Open the car."

"Because your life is at stake," the driver replied.

Slowly, the driver opened the car door, and he stepped out, exuding an air of sophistication as he joined the gathering crowd. He approached Inteesar with deliberate steps, his demeanor reeking of arrogance. His actions mirrored a gesture equivalent to raising his hand to slap her.

After a moment, the "Man of the World" motioned to his companion, Muh'd, to hold back. His speech slurred, betraying reluctance, yet his gaze was laden with a mix of disdain and humiliation. In a commanding voice, he confronted her, "Who is your father? What makes you think you can shatter the glass of my car? Do you even know your place in this country?"

Her eyes momentarily filled with sorrow, her heart weighed down by poverty and the humiliation her parents endured. Silently, she thought, "With the father you come from, you resemble him more than you realize."

As he raised his hand, poised to strike, a force held him back. Her defiant voice resonated, "You would commit your gravest mistake if that disgraceful hand of yours touches my untarnished face." With that, she slapped his hand away and didn't linger. Taking the cue, Hawa and Hanun left the scene.

His hand trembled, ruffling his hair as he exhaled, releasing a heated breath. His body felt like a mere rag, his mind a jumble of nerves. He had never encountered anyone who spoke to a beautiful woman with such audacity. It was as if he had been lifted off the ground, spinning in bewilderment. Yashi, one of his guards, opened the car door for him, and with a flirtatious twinkle in his eye, he jeered, "Am I tending to you, or is she your daughter? Worldly arrogance will lead you to a miserable fate. You ought to find a woman of ill repute to handle your tough talk. You'll regret your actions."

This conversation persisted until they reached a narrow building. The compound was bustling with activity as people went about their tasks and parked their cars. Muh'd announced their arrival, "Oga, we have reached."

His eyes fluttered open, and he reached for the door handle, pushing it open. Muh'd, his assistant, took a hesitant step forward. Greeted by workers in the vicinity, he received no response. Approaching an elevator, he selected a floor and ascended to the tenth level. Stepping out, he gazed at a particular door within the complex. Yare-Yareh, her face adorned with heavy makeup, appeared on her phone screen as she accepted the call.

Their conversation was brief, and he conveyed his melancholy state. She granted him entry and he stepped into his compact office. Fatigue marked his demeanor, a consequence of the encounter. A quick survey of the office revealed opulence in every corner, a testament to his affluence. His secretary, exuding allure, awaited him. Another chapter of his elaborate lifestyle commenced.

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