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Author: Zaynerb Muhammad kabeer ,

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DAJIN KWARANGWAL Complete Document Written By Zaynerb Muhammad Kabir


She adorned herself in an elegantly crafted, bespoke gown that unmistakably bore the signature touch of Amare's skilled hands—a form-fitting masterpiece.

Her countenance flushed with intensity, a desperate cry emanated from her, revealing a deep, tear-laden voice. The vivid redness on her face mirrored the profound emotions and pain within.

Navigating through the forest's obscurity, she ran with an uncertain destination, creating a path where none existed. Concealed in the darkness, she sought refuge beneath a tree, acutely aware of the searing pain in her foot, marked by a trickle of blood. Her scream echoed through the dense foliage, eyes drawn downwards.

Despite the forest's dimness, she discerned blood on her leg, a testament to the pain she endured, mysterious and unrelenting.

Summoning strength, she gathered her dress, clasping her leg in agony, her eyes cast downward.

Hunger growled within, and her throat, parched for an extended period, yearned for water. She, Sabida, endured thirst, contemplating whether she'd endure this torment or find release.

In silent contemplation, her eyes averted, she mused, "I wish it were a dream." The touch on her waist startled her, eyes darting in panic, dancing to an absent Alamar, whose absence defied the perception of a mere touch.

Fear heightened, and amidst hunger and thirst, she recoiled, eyes fixed on the scant light that flickered before her.

As the light intensified, her certainty grew—it was not a mere man. Tremors seized her body, akin to an epileptic fit.

Intense pain forced her to open her red eyes, her body succumbing to an involuntary release. The ensuing tumult in the forest—the falling stones, swaying trees, and raucous laughter—overwhelmed all.

Despite her attempts to block her ears, the laughter persisted, an unsettling soundtrack to her predicament.

Fifteen minutes of eerie laughter ceased abruptly, leaving her clinging to a tree, awaiting the unknown.

Soon, multicolored skeletons emerged, white, gray, red, black, green, causing her to recoil. Hindered by her injured leg, retreat became her only option.

Ordered to halt, the skeletons stood motionless, a collective enigma.

Amidst the disquiet, a colossal skeleton appeared, its grotesque face resembling a human's but distorted. Its ominous voice emitted a disconcerting black smoke.

Her body quivered at the sight of the monstrous creature, and a painful revelation forced her to release her anguish in an involuntary manner. The forest responded with tumult, laughter resonating.

Seated on makeshift chairs, the skeletons awaited, tying her leg to prevent escape.

The ominous figure, emitting unpleasant smoke, declared, "Queen!" Her fear intensified as he asserted his claim over her, foretelling a forced union and a life of captivity. Despite the impending darkness, her resolve held, and she clung to the hope of escaping her ominous fate.

In a separate world, her absence drew concern. Ammi, filled with worry, couldn't fathom the girl's plight. Her cries lamented the unpredictability of fate, questioning whether the lost girl would ever find happiness again.

Amidst consoling words, Abba sat in contemplation, acknowledging the unsettling situation. The search persisted, propelled by prayers for divine intervention.

In the throes of pain and cold, a suffering soul laid bare, while those around offered prayers and reassurance. The ordeal continued, leaving the community in anxious anticipation of the girl's fate.

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