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Author: Mujahida Matar Malam ,

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DAUKE DAIDAI DUNIYAR SHAIDANU Complete Document Written By Mujahida



I observed a young man sitting beside his family, immersed in their affectionate bond. 

"Attention!" The woman's stern voice called his name, prompting his immediate focus. Her infrequent use of his name and the word "Soldier" in the same breath signaled the gravity of the situation.

"Yes, Umma?"

"Soldier, you're in Canada, it's time to work. Even if your father intends to arrange a marriage for you, even if you're unsure about your decision, don't remain idle. You've been working for three years now, and I see no progress or savings. You lack the means to marry."

"Your mother speaks the truth. You're thirty now, and it's time you found a spouse," Abba chimed in.

Hunmmm: "God willing, I'll make the effort to find the right match."

"Thank God, there's an opportunity," Umma expressed.

Just then, his phone rang, displaying Taj's name. A smile crept across his face as he answered, "Hello, my friend, Yane."

On the other end, a voice explained, "You should have received an email from us. The Major urgently requires our presence. We're assigned to a mission."

Ending the call, he questioned, "Another assignment? We've just had a month-long break. What could this assignment possibly be?"

"I'm as clueless as you are. I've just conveyed the message. Sam is equally puzzled. Nonetheless, we're expected in Abuja tomorrow. I sense this is no ordinary task."

Hunm: "I apologize. Let's meet tomorrow."

After ending the call, he checked his email, expecting details about their impending assignment.

With well wishes from his parents, Fadama embarked on his journey.


"Sam, you claim to be exhausted, yet you're consistently caught up in your troubles. You toil for us, my friend, and I insult you. I've even teased you playfully. You are resilient, managing work and studies," he said to Sam.

"Mom, I've moved past those times. They were our saviors after Father's passing. I must persevere, work hard, and earn more. I shouldn't waste this opportunity. I only pray for God's protection."

"I always pray for you. But what about marriage?"

"Marriage will come, Mom. If fate allows, once we're back from this assignment, I promise to prioritize marriage and urgently contact you."

"May God watch over you."

"Amen, Mom. I love you."

"I love you too. When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow. I'm packing my things now. I doubt I'll return before this assignment. We'll be heading out."


"Jidda, will you abandon me to fulfill this assignment? We're getting married in three weeks. Can't you decline this new task and focus on our upcoming wedding?"

"Don't worry about my work. If you're willing to forgive me, you can marry me. I can't predict whether this assignment is unfavorable."

"Nifa, I can't bear the thought of Zan Aura being intimate with others. While you're on the assignment, look for another husband," she suggested.

"You're right, let me talk to her. Maybe she'll change her mind and not go. If she abstains from work, she'll lose her position before she even starts."

"Why didn't you greet her? Ask her about her well-being? Maybe that's why she's acting this way. Her parents passed away, and she was left under her grandmother's care."

Tsaki reacted, "That explains your concern for her. Forget it. If she's married, leave her be. Don't let jealousy consume you. Go about your work."

"Thank you."

She returned to her room, reflecting on her friend Sam and feeling remorseful.


The following morning, they gathered at the main army headquarters in Abuja.

Major Sa'id Yafito addressed them after Angama designated the team's leaders, including Samir, Taj, and Sam Jidda.

"The urgency of this call is due to an outbreak in a town, affecting the young daughter of a high-ranking officer, not older than three. We're entrusting you with her rescue. Knowing your capabilities, we're sending you on this mission. Samir, you'll lead the group, and Captain Emanuel will guide you through the forest terrain. You'll enter with permission from the General. All 200 of you are going due to the potential dangers in the forest. We've equipped you with suitable weaponry. Those who excel on this mission will receive special recognition and rewards. This is a significant undertaking, as long as the general's daughter remains in peril. You may depart now, and may grace and success be with you."

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