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CAPTAIN SADIQ Complete Hausa Novel Document by CAPTAIN SADIQ


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Author: Salma Mas'ud Na Dabo ,

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CAPTAIN SADIQ Complete Document Written By Salma Mas'ud Na Dabo


I observed a 10-year-old girl walking and crying, appearing distressingly pale and not particularly thin. In her hand, she clutched a ball, drawing attention to her hair, intensely black but stained with red dirt, revealing its soft texture despite the lack of care. Her prominent nose, large chin, and big eyes accentuated her tearful journey. The continuous weeping seemed to be a regular occurrence.

Upon reaching her home, a starkly unkempt place with a door barely recognizable, the girl ceased her crying. The atmosphere suggested familiarity with the chaotic behavior of someone named Fatuha, who seemed reluctant to step outside. Though Fatuha remained indoors, her cousins emerged. Catching sight of my presence, Fatuha abruptly dropped to the ground and cried out, prompting my mother's attention.

In an outburst, my mother scolded Fatuha, accusing her of provocation and intoxication. Fatuha, in a manner resembling that of a clever but deaf child, insisted she wasn't provoking anyone. Despite her tears, Fatuha knew better than to argue further, and my mother threatened her with physical discipline.

Disturbed by Fatuha's claim of being beaten to the point of her stomach being stepped on, I questioned the severity of the punishment. I couldn't fathom how one could endure such brutality unless guilty. The mention of stealing mangoes added complexity to the situation, and the conversation between Fatuha and my mother continued, with apologies and promises of restitution.

As an illustration, at 4 o'clock in the evening, Fatuha sat in the courtyard, sweeping the coals. Despite my family's efforts to control her, she remained unruly, causing distress to my mother. In financial distress, my mother, tired of daily conversations with Malam Dalha, contemplated asking him for assistance, suggesting slaughtering cows for financial relief.

The narrative shifts to a scene where Fatuha's disruptive behavior draws attention. Malam Dalha scolds her for her appearance, comparing her to witches in the village. Despite the confrontation, Fatuha remains defiant, unresponsive to advice and admonishments from those around her.

The story then transitions abruptly to the sighting of five Bentley cars arriving at a grand gate. The narrator expresses awe at the luxurious vehicles and observes them parking at a grand house. Soldiers accompanying the cars add an air of significance to the scene, leaving the reader curious about the unfolding events.

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